Mar 7, 2011

Catrice new range: gel eyeliner

i have recently bought the gel eyeliner in black named "Black Jack with Jack Black" from Catrice's new range to test it out. it contains 4g and cost me (i think) 3.99€.
it comes in a sturdy glass jar, which i like. at this point i still can't say anything about it's air-tightness, though.

i have worn it several times and now i can draw my conclusion:
it is a normal black, that is not very deep and rich because of the thin consistency. it's like a light cream, not very jelly. the texture is only a bit thicker than of a skin moisturiser cream.
it dries matte, you can't really smudge it like the Blacktrack Fluidline from MAC.

freshly applied

if i rub it with a paper tissue after about 5 minutes, it will fade a lot. but weird enough after that point, it wont fade any, i could rub as hard as i wanted :)

i had the same experience when i wore it in my eye make up: it faded a bit through the day, smudged at the outer edges, transferred to my upper lid (as i have a folded lid).
BUT: it didn't smudge at all when i cried really hard, or when i teared as the wind blew in my face. so i think it's quite waterproof, but not oil-proof at all. even the smallest amount of your natural skin oils can make it fade/smudge.
also the powder pigment fraction in this gel liner might be too high, so it will transfer the surface layer but the most part is quite smudge-proof. really weird and hard to explain, i hope you get what i mean :P

i don't think that i can recommend this gel liner, i hope the essence one is a bit better.
the version from Maybelline i won't try, at 9 or 10€ it's quite expensive and then i would rather blow out 10€ more and get the Bobbi Brown one.


  1. wusste nicht, dass Catrice nun auch Gel eyeliner hat, danke für die review, so vermeidet man Fehlkäufe :)


  2. wir haben seit gestern das neue catrice sortiment bei meinem probinz-müller und die gel-eyeliner waren alle ausverkauft.
    danke für deine review, ich werde wenn nachgefüllt wurde keinen kaufen und nehme das geld lieber und investiere es in ein anderes produkt.

  3. Danke für die tolle Review!! Ich werde dann wohl keinen kaufen. :)

  4. Thanks for the review! Did you try setting it with matte black eyeshadow?

  5. i haven't try to set it with eyeshadow. but i can imagine that setting it will make it worse in terms of transferring. my skin oils dissolve everything, and powders even more than long-lasting creams.

  6. I actually really liked this eyeliner and I don't have any problem with it fading.
    I apply it with an angled brush and don't set it with any powder whatsoever. It stays on really well. It's too bad you don't like it and call it a bad eyeliner because I really like it and I can recommend it to anybody who is a tiny bit clumsy with the liquid eyeliners and their rubbish brushes ;)

  7. I LOVE this eyeliner, I've experienced no smudging, no transfer, no fading and no dissolving =D and I've used it with and without a base (I use the ArtDeco one), and on all occasions it performed great =)


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