Mar 22, 2011

Catrice new range: Liquid Liner "Go, Get Bronzed"

i also got this liquid liner from the new range by Catrice. it's #040 Go, Get Bronzed. the liner contains 1.7ml and costs something around 3.75€, which is quite much for a simple liquid liner in the low price drugstore sector (which i always counted Catrice in, but it seems that they are rather mid-price).
the packaging is a average plastic tube in the same colour as the product, a cool taupey bronze. it has a stiff felt tip which you can use to create very fine lines with. i find such tips very easy to handle.
the texture of this is quite watery, but it's not too sheer. it's a shimmery medium bronze, but a cool bronze without orange hues.
i don't get irritated eyes with this, also it doesn't melt or smudge or transfer on me. i love to use it as a super quick 1 minute everyday eye look when i'm not in the mood for eyeshadow. it's not too shimmery and the shade blends with my skin tone beautifully, giving a nice sparkly definition to my lids. i like to create a thick winged eyeliner with this, it's much more wearable than a black, for example.

you see it's not very rub-proof.

this is what i meant with a super quick eye look ;) excuse my sleepy eye (it was 6 in the morning)


  1. Mir ist die Farbe ein bisschen zuu sheer, muss ich sagen. Ich trag ihn aber gerne über braunen Kajal, dann wirds bisschen intensiver und sieht super aus :)

  2. ja, ich finde er geht ziemlich unter wenn man ihn in einem kompletten augen make up trägt, auch weil er so hell ist. allein aber finde ich ihn toll. super einfach und trotzdem nicht "nichts".


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