Mar 9, 2011

NARS blushes revisited! #6 - Orgasm

this series is just for better pics&swatches. my opinion about the blushes stays the same, take a look at older posts.

NARS blushes contain 4.5 - 4.8g each for the powder blushes, and 5.5g each for the cream blushes.
they cost 29€/19.50£/26$.

Orgasm - seems to be the most famous blush ever, at least when you have entered beautyland. it's a coral-pink with loooots of gold sheen and shimmer, which makes the blush look more peachy-coral and intense in the pan. a versatile colour that looks good on many different skin tones and colours.

the texture is ok, not the finest, but this is due to the shimmer particles in it. when swatched, it is a beautiful warm pink with multidimensional gold shimmer. applied it is a soft pink with a gold sheen that could emphasize large pores if you put it on with a too heavy hand. with this, i don't recommend using an additional highlighter which would make it look too shimmery/greasy.
it makes me look fresh on my dull-face-days, a real "pick me up" colour if there isn't much going on with the eye make up ;)
a really lovely and easy colour, but the shimmer can make it tricky for those with enlarged pores and unevenness on the cheek area. if you have oily cheeks, maybe you would not like this, too.

NARS Orgasm in natural light
NARS Orgasm in natural light: swatched heavily & blended out
NARS Orgasm in direct sunlight
NARS Orgasm in sunlight: swatched heavily & blended out
NARS Orgasm in sunlight: swatched heavily & blended out

here i wear it:

of course, some comparisons:

top row: NARS Orgasm - NARS Deep Throat - Giorgio Armani Sheer Blush #10
 bottom row: Benefit Bella Bamba - MAC Dainty - Benefit Coralista
in natural light: Benefit Bella Bamba - NARS Orgasm - NARS Deep Throat - MAC Dainty - Benefit Coralista - Giorgio Armani #10
in artificial light: Benefit Bella Bamba - NARS Orgasm - NARS Deep Throat - MAC Dainty - Benefit Coralista - Giorgio Armani #10


  1. For some reason I really disliked NARS Orgasm, I gave it away to my sister. But it looks so much like Benefit Bella Bamba but I love Bamba although they look similar ha. Great review & swatches!

  2. I have Orgasm but I've always wanted Deep Throat too but I thought they were too similar. What's your thought on this? Does it look different once you put it on your face?

  3. Gorgeous! Thanks for the comparison swatches! x

  4. orgasm is a shade that creates some discussion, there are people who like it and people who don't like it or people, who this blush doesn't look good on.
    so far everything ok, just like every other.
    but with orgasm, there still is the "team hype" and the "team anti-hype", really weird.
    @littlelucy: i find deep throat gives a more true (light) pink colour on your cheeks, orgasm looks more peachy because of the high fraction of gold sheen&shimmer.

  5. I love love love Armani #10. Since I can see the botto of the pan, I might change to Nars Orgasm. Do you think it's a good idea?

    Oh, and thank you for posting the swatches, just what I have been looking for - Armani / Nars.
    Nars seems to have more shimmer.
    The Armani shimmers quite nice imho. How would you compare the two?


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