Mar 18, 2011

Maybelline Dream Touch Blush

i saw those cream blushes in an extra mini display last time i went to the drugstore, although i knew of at least 2 (lighter) shades in their old range, the new presentation and 4 different shades caught my eye.
the talk is about Maybelline's Dream Touch Blush.
the 4 shades are a light peach, a peachy pink, a rosy pink and a plummy pink.
i purchased the lightest shade (they have no names or numbers on the packaging :/ ) after some swatchy-swatchy. i find it the least (whitish) shimmery shade and has a nice colour pay off.
it comes in a small glass pot and contains 7.5g, which is a nice amount i think. it costs 6.45€.
i feel like Maybelline has reformulated them, i think they were more mousse-y before. or maybe just the image of the huuuuuuge new display of Maybelline (that still is so! boring! to me, otherwise) plays a trick on me. new display, new products i'd assume.
the texture is like a lightly whipped butter cream, it applies as a semi-cream, semi-powder consistency, not completely powdery like the Dream Mousse Foundation. i apply it in stippling motions with a small skunk brush (MAC 188-type). i like the texture, it's easy to spread and doesn't interfere with your foundation underneath.
the colour is a light pastelly peach, the fine shimmer is visible as a dewy sheen. surprisingly it lasts on my oily skin quite well, and after over 5 hours i still had a nice fresh colour on my cheeks. i had to blot some oilyness, though, but this didn't take the colour away or smudges like i had worried.
i would really like to try the other shades, but the higher white shimmer in them precludes me from doing so. i'm afraid it would emphasize oilyness and large pores and tiny bumps too much.
how about you? have you tried those blushes or their older version? where they different?

Maybelline Dream Touch Blush #2 Peach in artificial light
Maybelline Dream Touch Blush #2 Peach in direct sunlight
Maybelline Dream Touch Blush #2 Peach in sunlight: swatched heavily + blended out

as i don't have comparable cream blushes, i have to side-to-side swatches for you, but some wearing-pictures:


  1. It looks gorgeous on you! Love your eye makeup BTW x

  2. Very pretty! Nice makeup look.

  3. that's too nice of all of you. :) have a great weekend girls!

  4. Uh Wow looks good :)

    greetz from germany,

  5. I just found your blog, great posts! I love your lip color, what are you wearing? :)

  6. thank you Darina and Kaja!
    i was wearing MAC Patisserie lipstick that day.

  7. I like this product, it looks so pretty.

  8. I have used it for a while. It warms my face, give my cheeks a nice peachy glow. And also I love the texture of this bluah, want to get other shades. Maybelline did a good job:)larinia..

  9. you have the best blog on the entire web , im talking about swatches. please keep up...
    mat from greece!

    1. thanks Mat! that means a lot to me! i hope you keep enjoying my blog!


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