Mar 3, 2011

Chanel Ombre Essentielle #45 Safari

ok, i gave in for a taupe again. call me insane, but i don't regret it :P
it's the Chanel Ombre Essentielle in #45 Safari (2g - 25€). i wanted this shade quite some time, and now it's mine ;)
as always it comes in a black velvet pouch. the compact is sleek and black with a full mirror, and to make the extravagance and opulence more obvious, it is about 5x bigger than the eyeshadow pan itself, why would you need to think in economic ways if you buy Chanel? - totally incomprehensible for me.

this shade is in Chanel's permanent range. Safari is a medium sandy taupe with gold sheen and silver shimmer. a shade like 10000 other in my stash, but still a candidate for frequent use because it's versatile, is an easy colour, applies comfortably and looks multidimensional on it's own. the texture is one of the better textures from Chanel, very soft and smooth and it's very blendable.
in direct comparison, it reminds me of NARS Ashes To Ashes the most, but ATA has a more plummy undertone while Safari has a old-gold sheen and is more shimmery.

NARS Ashes To Ashes - Kryolan SP446 - Chanel Safari - NARS Cairo - Urban Decay Ruthless
NARS Ashes To Ashes - Kryolan SP446 - Chanel Safari - NARS Cairo - Urban Decay Ruthless

and if anyone was curious, i also swatched it next to my other Chanel mono eyeshadows, Fauve and Taupe Grisé (although they don't look similar in any way).

Chanel #45 Safari - Chanel #90 Fauve - Chanel #87 Taupe Grisé
Chanel #45 Safari - Chanel #90 Fauve - Chanel #87 Taupe Grisé

is there any shade from the Ombre Essentielle line that you would recommend me to take a look at?


  1. I love safari! It is one of my most go-to e/s for everyday!

  2. Hi! Ich habe deinen Blog gerade entdeckt und bin hin und weg :) Du hast so viele schöne Sachen und zeigst sie ganz toll und realitätsgetreu.
    Um den Chanel Fauve schwlawenzel ich schon lange rum, weil ich ihn wunderschön finde und von Taupe Grisé absolut begeistert bin...hmmh...nur der Preis :(((
    LG Jule

  3. Taupe Grisé hab ich mir gerade kaufen lassen und jetzt muss ich sehen, dass Fauve noch mehr violett ist (was ich mag) XD Safari ist auch schön *__*

  4. I do not know if it might suiot your fair skin, but I guess Platine would be a great mono!
    It is rather sprakly and makes a great daywear that brightens up eyes.

    Love your blog btw! Would love to meet you!


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