Mar 24, 2011

Cargo Blush in Tonga

yay! i finally got the infamous Cargo Blush in Tonga! i have been wanting this blush since a long time, (and this video from the wonderful Blushingpixie only made it worse) but never found a source to buy it at a reasonable price (plus shipping). luckily a lovely girl from the beauty forum i lurk around offered to give me hers for a very very reasonable amount. it only laid unbeloved in her drawer, she said. it is used, though, but with powder products i don't mind.
it arrived me yesterday, safely packed and she also put in some samples and a mascara from Max Factor which i wanted to try anyway, so thank you thank you thank you, Corinna!

Cargo products are quite hard to get in germany. i found a webstore that ships to a reasonable price to germany (, but they didn't offer this particular shade. also i haven't ever found it on ebay the many times i searched for Tonga.

the blush comes in a brushed metal tin box, it contains 8.9g and normally costs around 24-28$.
Tonga is a colour that's totally my style these days. a matte dusty rose with beige parts. the finish is not dull and matte, but satiny. the texture is very fine and smooth, the pigmentation is rather sheer and foolproof. it gives a rosey natural flush, it also sculpts the cheek area. the blendability is great, it doesn't apply blotchy and also doesn't fade throughout the day. all in all a subtle and safe everyday blush and also one that can go with every look.
i can see that i need more shades of these! i think the "too-hard-to-get"-factor makes this brand too unknown although these blushes deserve much more attention. i have always found top ratings for Cargo blushes.

Cargo Tonga swatched heavily + blended out

i also compared it to other blushes from the same colour family:
Giorgio Armani Sheer Blush #10 - MAC Cubic - Catrice Light Burgundy - Cargo Tonga - MAC Blushbaby
Giorgio Armani Sheer Blush #10 - MAC Cubic - Catrice Light Burgundy - Cargo Tonga - MAC Blushbaby

this is how it looks worn:


  1. It looks lovely on you - very natural!

    I love sculpting shades like this, but have very few. & although I've never really seen Cargo sold in the UK, I'm going to keep my eyes peeled for this shade & Laguna, a beautiful pink-orange!

  2. thank you sally!

    25FLondon: thank you!
    i saw those suede blushes by cargo in internet pics, and they look awesome! like the givenchy frangipanier blushes with those specks of mixed colours. i can't seem to find them to buy online though :(
    want them soo bad!


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