Mar 3, 2011


today i want to show/review/swatch my stuff from the german brand Kryolan for you to see. this brand is more targeted to professional on stage/on camera make up, so their products are not so much commercially well known. in germany there are stores in some cities (luckily i have one in my city), but there are several online shops that sell Kryolan as well. i haven't tried any of them, so i won't link them, please look them up for yourself.
the bad thing about ordering online is that the "swatches" from their official catalogue are horrible. mostly you only get colour names/numbers and also the range is not very "commercial" in terms of concentrated on neutral/muted shades. many colours or textures from the range are just not wearable for me or at least i won't get much use out of them. also because designed for on stage/on air usage, the colours have to be brighter, highly pigmented and mostly matte, so i had to choose a few that would work for myself.
the next difficulty is to find swatches on the internet to give you better advise.
so now i want to add some swatch photos to change that a little bit ;)

my review for the Micro Silk HD Powder you can find here.

first thing i wanted to try were the Satin Powders:

i have 3 of them, they are shimmery loose eyeshadows.
they come in plastic jars with a small hole which i find weird, it's hard to reach the product and i always get too much if i want to tap it out of the jar into the lid.
the powder is very fine, almost creamy. in some shades, there is the satin/matte base colour with tons of shimmer bits that seem to sit on top when you apply it. i don't like such an effect, because mostly those are harder to blend.
the shimmer of all of them is really beautiful, it's very fine and multicoloured.
they contain 3g and cost about 6€.

the first one is SP446, it's a medium silver-brown with lots of crystal sparkles.

the second is SP223, an olive green with gold and green sparkles (mostly, but also pink).

the last Satin Powder is SP885, it's a dark blackened purple with multicolour shimmer.

i also bought an Eye Shadow Compact, Iridescent SE12. out of all their shades, this is the only one that was appealing to me.
the eyeshadows come in simple plastic screw top compacts, you can buy them (and the blushes) as refills, too. they contain 2.5g and cost about 5-6€.
it is a shimmery blackened cool purple (again ;) )
this colour is gorgeous, i like to use it as a eyeliner-topper/smudger as well as for a smokey eye. the only thing with this that you have to remember is it bleeds pink pigment if you use it wet (you will see a thin pink boarder around the eyeshadow).

i also went for two blushes, a matte red (R 6) and a matte pastel peach (TC 2). both are finely milled, very pigmented but blendable

Kryolan R 6 blush in direct sunlight - swatched heavily + blended out
Kryolan R 6 blush in the shadow - swatched heavily + blended out

Kryolan TC 2 blush in direct sunlight - swatched heavily + blended out
Kryolan TC 2 blush in the shadow - swatched heavily + blended out

have you tried this brand? how do you like "such" professional brands, e.g. Ben Nye, Kryolan, Grimas or Make Up For Ever (while MUFE surely also has cought your heart by its more commercial appearance + product range)? i think it's nice to have some of these products to mix in with your normal stash and nowadays they can easily fit in your routine, some colours are very wearable, the cake eyeliners are a great addition to every collection, contouring has its roots in this trade. foundations are not pasty and cakey and thick as they were some decades ago, when stage make up had to be primarily visible, even in the last rows. HD is the abbr./word that captured even the cheapest high street brand but also the most exclusive high end/designer brands, even though most of us don't work in front of a high def camera, or a camera in general. but if we would accidentally walk by a film set, our foundation will be ready for it!


  1. Um Kryolan-Produkte schleiche ich auch schon eine Weile herum. Das matte rote Rouge sieht super aus. Danke für deine Review :)

  2. ich denke besonders die blushes sind einen blick wert!

  3. Ich hab schon so einiges darüber gelesen, allerdings habe ich selbst nichts bisher davon. Danke für Deine Swatches!



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