Dec 5, 2010

under-eye concealer

this is my concealer routine of the last weeks, which i have already shown in my november favourites posting.
usually i would do my concealer as the last step of my face routine, i don't powder to set it, so i need a combination that wouldn't slip away.
today i just took pictures for demonstration, i don't have any other make up on, so you could notive some redness around my eyes.

ingredients ;)

i would use my Hourglass Hidden Corrective concealer first, applying it with my Hakuhodo round highlighting brush. the Hourglass concealer is very creamy and opaque, so it would cover any dark circles or discoloration.

because i like a moisturized, slightly shiny look under my eyes, i would layer another concealer on top to achieve this finish.

i found the Manhattan Wake Up concealer best for this purpose, at it has a liquidy texture, a light coverage (so it doesn't look "too much" when layered), and a nice light reflection that looks like you freshly applied your eye cream and stays like that, and no obvious shimmers.
i'd tap in this concealer with my ring fingers.

that's the finished result:

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