Dec 7, 2010

NYX blush in "Taupe"

i received my NYX order yesterday. as they will be sold at MAC prices in germany soon and you won't get them from U.S. online-shops or anymore, i was thinking NOW is the time to buy all the hyped NYX products, as long as i can still get them at drugstore prices from 5-10$ a piece (this is only my 2nd NYX product).
but short time and some reviews later, i calmed down and my only interest was still strong in this one blush. i bought it for around 8$ (shipping included) off ebay.

it is reviewed to be a good shade for contouring.
and now i can say it's right. i was on the hunt for such a shade for sooo long.
i wasn't yet a "beauty-connaisseur" as MAC discontinued the famous blushes "Strada" and "Emote", two cool toned browns, which were told to be perfect at mimicking the shadows that an imaginary prominent cheekbone would create on your face, so i am lusting for such a shade. Strada and Emote are offered as "collectors items" for horrendous  amounts on evilbay which i am not willing to pay.
i know Illamasqua does  a blush with similar shade to Strada called Rumour (which is still on my wish list).
but for now, NYX's Taupe will do the job.

it is just how i wanted it to be: matte, not too pigmented, and the most important, COOL toned. if the shade is too reddish/orangish, it just makes me look ridiculously fake. this has a dominant grayish undertone, not as other contour shades i acquired on my hunt for the perfect colour.
but see for yourself:

top: contour shade from these contour palettes you get from Coastalscents, Zoeva, ebay which are chinese production
bottm row: NARS Zen - NYX Taupe - MAC Harmony

from left to right: Rimmel matte bronzer - MAC Harmony - NYX Taupe - Zoeva contour shade - NARS Zen

as you can see NYX has a gray undertone, while MAC Harmony is much rosier and NARS Zen is more golden.

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