Dec 16, 2010

Kat Von D palette

i have the True Romance Eyeshadow Palette in Beethoven from tattoo artist Kat Von D.
it's a Sephora exclusive, so not available in germany (i bought it off ebay - paid around 35€ for it with shipping). it has 8 eyeshadows, each 1.4g.
they all are buttery soft, smooth, pigmented and well blendable. i like the colour combination in this palette a lot.

these are the colours:
  • Lucifer - matte black
  • Speed Blue - pearly royal blue
  • Razor Gray - frosty dark silver
  • Tequila - frosty yellowish beige
  • Sinner - pearly plummy purple with pink microshimmer
  • Rad Purple - matte blackish purple with fine pink glitter
  • Leather - matte warm brown
  • Galeano - shimmery beigey lavender
Lucifer+Sinner are not very well pigmented; Tequila, Leather and Galeano have amazing texture.

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