Dec 18, 2010

I'm digging powders! part V

today it's Kanebo &  Kryolan!

Kanebo Sensai Loose Powder (Translucent)

20g, about 45€
this powder is really great!!! it sets my foundation and enhances the lasting power of it, controls my excess sebum and evens out my skin.
it gives a blurred soft focus effect and minimizes big pores or tiny bumps that makes your skin look uneven. it is very finely milled and applies translucent without changing the colour of your foundation although it is a white powder.
i noticed a illuminating/brightening effect with this, so you just need a light dust of it and shouldn't pack it on overly to avoid chalkiness or a dull veil on darker skin tones.
it makes the skin feel so soft and silky and leaves a satin glow on my skin, without visible shimmer.
it comes in a sifter jar (the holes are quite big, you shouldn't take off the whole foil on the sifter, only take it half off) with a beautiful soft and fluffy and REALLY useable pouf (unlike Chanel, Guerlain or other luxury brands, boo on them! you see it's totally possible do to a great powder AND a good quality pouf!).

Kryolan Micro Silk Powder

this is from Kryolan's High Definition line, with products created to come up to high def cameras (and are much more expensive than their average stuff :/ ).

it comes in a metal container, i can't really remember, but i think it had a poor pouf included. i don't like the container at all, it's closure mechanism would create a vacuum if you would push the cap down all the way and opening it will be soo hard, quite impossible - i once had this problem, had to use metal tools to pry it open and so i made some dents into it :( . now i can only close it about 90% to avoid this happening again.

it's a loose setting powder, i have it in shade MSP 3. although white it gets totally translucent on your face. it mattifies without making you look dull and creates an even velvety skin. with this, you should really only use a minimal amount and then brush out excess powder to have the best results. it is an excellent setting powder which really prolongs the wearing time of your foundations.

20g of this will set you back about 36€.

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