Dec 10, 2010

current foundation love

i had a hard time with most of my foundations when it started getting cold. my skin was acting like  crazy, no foundation would melt and blend into it. after powder it only got worse, i looked really "made up" but in a negative way as you could see the foundation. it became a grainy texture and just looked blah, so i went on the hunt for a new winter-skin-foundation.

i have quite oily skin and my foundation should last all the  working day without touch ups, so i always go for long lasting, high-coverage foundations.

when i read some rave reviews about the Parure Gold foundation by Guerlain, i was really intrigued.
i am a foundation-lover and a Guerlain-obsessed, so of course i couldnt't resist.
also i already own two other foundations from this brand, the Parure Extreme foundation and the new Lingerie de Peau, which i also really like and were old holy grails.
i was still in doubt if this would last on my oily skin, because i thought it would be for mature skin, which usually is dryer.
it comes in a luxurious heavy black glass bottle with a black cap, gold writing and gold pump.
30ml retail for 68€, but mostly you can get a coupon code for one of the online-shops that stock on Guerlain.
i'm between nc20 - nc25 in MAC and use shade #02 - Beige Clair. it is a little bit too dark and has too little yellow for my skintone, so i like to mix it with few drops of my Shiseido Sun Protection Foundation in shade SP40, a light yellow shade, to get the perfect colour and enhance the staying power even further.

but when i used this foundation on its own for the first time, i was totally surprised. it gives a medium - high coverage and made my skin look moisturized and healthy. no more grainy-grainy but a smooth surface, finally a foundation that melted into my skin. the finish it leaves is satiny-glowy, which i like the best.

only with Guerlain's Parure Gold mixed with Shiseido Sun Protection (no powder and obviously no other make up ;) )

i apply it with a BeautyBlender sponge, which i think is the best method for winter times. while you just tap on and press the foundation into your skin, it won't cause microexfoliation of your dry skin like if you would use a brush. so your skin will be less irritated and will look more even, too.

the best part for me is its lasting power! although it looks so glowy and feels so moisturising and nourishing, it stays on the whole day! it doesn't fade, it doesn't transfer really much, it doesn't get blotchy. i love it! (i still powder over it.)

definitely a re-buy for me! and i say this even though i haven't used up even one foundation in the last year - i just buy new ones too often and they stay in my collection and get rotated. but since i got the Parure Gold, only this one combination has touched my face.


  1. Nice Review Honey.
    I love the Guerlain Parure Gold Fluid Foundation too.

  2. I love the way the foundation looks on your skin! Unfortunately, I'm too pale for Guerlain.

  3. Thanks for the tip on mixing it with the Shiseido foundation :)
    I haven't been able to wear my Guerlain Gold which I just looove. Definitely will try the mix.
    A quick question, how would you rate the Guerlain Extreme next to the Gold? I want to get the Extreme, but color match isn't perfect on me.
    Thnx :) Lia

  4. @Lia: i love the Guerlain Parure Extreme! it has good coverage and great longevity but with a much better finish than other long-wearing formulas (which tend to end up too matte for my liking). compared to the gold, the parure extreme has an even better colour-match for my shade (#2). it's runnier than the gold and feels lightweight on the skin. it sets quickly to a satin finish. it's more transfer- and sweat-proof than the parure gold and lasts longer on my oily skin, so it's my favourite summer foundation.

  5. I love this foundation especially for the summer time when I'm heading to the beach.. It's staying power is truly amazing and the coverage is wonderful despite how light-weight it is..

    It looks amaaazing on your skin.. Flawless!

    1. which of the two foundations in my mix did you mean? the Shiseido one or the Guerlain?

      i still often reach for this combination when i want it to be absolutely flawless, i don't even need a face concealer with this XD


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