Dec 24, 2010


sorry for the delay of posts, but the pre-christmas-time is especially busy for a last-minute-gift-buyer like me!

as today is the holy night, i wish all of you a merry christmas and a cozy time with your beloved.

now to the actual post: the BeautyBlender!

it is a bright pink (first reason to buy :P), egg shaped sponge. you have to wet it and squeeze it well to use it best - then it will almost double its size! 

you can use it with liquid, cream or even compact/powder foundation (although i haven't tried it with dry foundation so far).

second reason to purchase:it is perfect for liquid foundation! i can't think of putting on any make up without it anymore. it's so easy and quick, you just have to tap the rounded side of the damp sponge into your foundation and then bounce it on your skin. the pointed size is suited for the  small corners of your face, like under the eyes, around the nose, etc.
it applies an even film, with zero streaks or grainy-look. with its moisture, it helps every foundation melt into your skin and doesn't cause flakes on dry winter skin. 

third plus: it doesn't absorb much product (because it's already damp), so you only need a small amount to achieve a good coverage.

4th buying-argument: you don't need several ones even if you use it daily. like with some dense brushes, if you wash them daily, they would still be wet if you want to use them again. but the BeautyBlender, you just wash it out and it is  immediately ready for action. no drying time needed.

for washing, i don't think you'll need to buy the Blender-Cleanser, that is adverted with the BeautyBlender. i use a normal soap and it's totally fine (no alcohol -i don't think a brush cleanser is good for the sponge).

the only con with this versus a foundation brush would be the lasting time of it. i heard people use it over 6 month and then it started to fall apart, while a good brush should last you many many years.
i bought mine over half a year now but just started to use it regularly since about 2 months (and it's still in a very good shape) - so i have no experience with that. still i have started to get fear of loss, so i'll have to order some more sponges soon.
i have never been a sponge-user, i never liked their small shapes (especially the wedges) but the BeautyBlender has really convinced me.
you can get it for about 15€ in some online-shops, i haven't heard of it being sold in-store in germany yet. (i bought mine at


  1. I love it! The packaging says you "should" replace it every three months, so six months before it falls apart doesn't seem bad :)

  2. I personally don't have the beautyblender, however I have the blendercleanser.
    I use it for my brushes and it has the most lovely lavender scent. And it's really does what it says to, it works really good as a brush cleanser.

    Right now i only have a swedich makeup blog, but I'm thinking about either making that one in english or just get another one to have in english


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