Dec 14, 2010

Dior palettes

today i want to show you some Dior quints. i have 3 of them so far:

#710 The Browns/Autour du Brun
a really old one, my boyfriend (back then, now hubby ;) ) bought it for me as a gift about 8 years ago. long time i haven't really used it because i didn't know to appreciate matte/satin finish eyeshadows (and didn't like the packaging - but now it's "vintage" :P ). but about 1 year ago i dug it out of the depths of my cosmetic basket an loved it until now. the texture of these eyeshadows are still great! they still are soft, finely milled, intensely pigmented with a smooth finish.
this palette is discontinued now.  back then the quints contained 7g of shadows, i can't remember how much they have cost.

i began on the left upper corner and swatched counterclockwise:
  •  a maroon with gold and pink shimmer
  •  a satin camel/caramel 
  •  a matte bone beige
  •  a satin medium neutral brown
  •  a matte, orangey chocolate brown with few microshimmers in the center

#844 Misty Mauve
this palette was released in fall 2010, it's from Dior's normal 5 Couleurs range . furthermore, they do several 5 Couleurs Iridescent palettes as well as 5 Couleurs Designer palettes, which contain a cream liner. i bought it as a bargain in a blog sale. originally, this would retail for about 54€. nowadays, they only contain 6g. this palette is great for a smokey purple look.

again, swatching counterclockwise, beginning with upper left colour.
  •   an icy pink with blue sheen
  •   a sparkly sheer crystal white
  •   a frosty taupey mauve with gold shimmer
  •   a matte greyish mauve
  •   a smokey sparkly charcoal with purple and red shimmer/sheen in the center

#649 Ready To Glow
this is one of the 5 Couleurs Iridescent palettes released with the summer collection 2010 (the other one was #659 Crush Glow with peachier colours). all shades are of frosty/shimmery finish. the consistency of those eyeshadows is even softer and more buttery than with the other palettes. they feel almost creamy when touched. these colours are very daytime-appropriate.

swatched counterclockwise, beginning with upper left colour:
  •  a frosty gray
  •  a shimmery baby pink
  •  a shimmery peach with pink iridescent
  •  a shimmering sand/light taupe
  •  a frosty golden brown in the center


  1. I guess I have to email my boyfriend a link to this post;-) the Misty Mauve Palette is gorgeous!

  2. Wow, das sind tolle Quints! Danke fürs Zeigen und Swatchen!

    Liebe Grüße


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