Dec 15, 2010

MAC swatches galore! - II: mineral blushes


is in the permanent range. it contains 3.5g and costs 23€/17£/21$.
it's a light peachy pink with gold shimmer. in comparison with NARS Deep Throat and NARS Orgasm, it is more sparkly while Deep Throat has a stronger golden sheen and Orgasm is more peachy and shimmers more golden. (it's too pink to be comparable to Benefit's Coralista)

NARS Deep Throat - MAC Dainty - NARS Orgasm

Rhapsody In Two

was released with the Too Fabulous collection spring 2010. it is a duo blush of a frosty golden peach and a light warm pink. its organic pattern makes applying each colour alone quite impossible.
i don't ever use it as a blush, it's just too shimmery and sparkly for that and would emphasize my pores.
but it is a great "BANG"-highlighter, applied with a duofibre brush!
this contains 3.2g, a little bit less than the permanent Mineralize Blushes. prices are the same.

mixed together - pink shade only - gold shade only

Hang Loose

this duo blush came out with the In The Groove collection summer 2010. it's a classic duo blush,  one half is a satin finish light cool pink and the other a frosty lavender. it's a new concept with the two different textures, as most older Mineralize Blushes are more on the shimmery side.
you can use the pink on the cheeks and the lavender as a highlight, mixed together it is a very very cool shimmery pink.
compared to MAC Pink Swoon it is lighter and cooler, compared to Well Dressed, it is more pigmented and a little bit warmer.
it's 3.2g.

mixed together - pink side only - lavender side only
Hang Loose (pink side) - Pink Swoon - Well Dressed

Happy Together

also came out with In The Groove, with the same concept of a satiny side and a shimmery/frosty side.
it is a pearly beachy bronze on the one half, and a frosty golden champagne on the other half.
compared to MAC Melba, the bronzey colour is more brown/golden toned, while it is more peachy than NARS Madly.
the lighter side is told to be comparable to MAC's MSF (Mineralize SkinFinish) in By Candlelight, but By Candlelight is more frosty and has a more pinkish sheen than the blush.

mixed together - bronze side - champagne side
Happy Together - Melba - NARS Madly
Happy Together - MSF By Candlelight

Style Demon

i got this as a "surprise gift" with MAC's bring-a-friend campaign. it's a plummy burgundy red with gold sparkle. i don't have a similar shade in my collection. this is quite pigmented, but with a light hand and a soft fluffy blending (blush) brush, you'll get a beautiful natural flush.

i love MAC's Mineralize Blushes, their shimmer is not flat and frosty like with many cheap shimmery/baked blushes.  Gentle is already on its way to me...  ;)

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