Dec 29, 2010

MAC Cham Pale part I

i missed the early release of Cham Pale LE on so i could only get 2 of the products that were on my list, the other things were already sold out. i'll have to wait until the official release to buy the rest.
so i ordered Chez Chez Lamé Special Reserve Highlight Powder (from now on only SRHP) and Chilled On Ice Paint Pot.
i ordered on monday, and today, wednesday, my order came in.
it was nicely wrapped and i got two perfume samples.

Chez Chez Lamé  (10g,  27.50€) is a highlighter with a special crinkled surface, the shimmer isn't an overspray, it goes through. it is a fine powder, the texture is of a good MSF (not the chunky ones) but not as fine as the Beauty Powders. this has a light beige gold colour, darker, more shimmery and sheerer than Too Chic Beauty Powder from the Stylishly Yours collection (as most of you would be curious about a comparison of the two). now to the picture spam!

artificial light:

sunlight (yeah! it was sunny today!):

i also compared it with a lot of other powder highlighters, see:

first row: MAC SRHP Chez Chez Lamé - MAC Beauty Powder Too Chic - Dior Shimmer Powder Amber Diamond

2nd row: Lorac Perfectly Lit Highlighter Spotlight - MAC Mineralize Blush Happy Together (light side) - MAC MSF Perfect Topping - MAC MSF By Candlelight

in direct comparison, i find Chez Chez Lamé most resembles Dior Amber Diamond and the light side of Happy Together Mineralize Blush.

from left to right: Lorac Spotlight - Dior Amber Diamond - MAC Perfect Topping - MAC Chez Chez Lamé - MAC Too Chic - MAC Happy Together - MAC By Candlelight
artificial lighting
left: MAC Too Chic Beauty Powder - right: MAC Chez Chez Lamé SRHP
here is a picture of me wearing Chez Chez Lamé

Chilled On Ice Paint Pot (5g, 20€) is a sheer, white gold with gold sparkles and glitters. think of a sheer Albatross from NARS in cream form.
as all paint pots, you can use it as a base for another eyeshadow (i think neutral colours or shades with gold shimmer would look gorgeous over it!) and as eyeshadow alone. you could even use it on your cheeks or your lips. as a lid colour to wear alone it is too light for my taste, i would just wear it with darker shades or as a base.
it's sheerer than the other paint pots but has the same texture, which is creamy but on the dryer side (not as light as a Creaseless Cream Shadow by Benefit). it's long wearing with no creasing even after about 8-9h.

artificial light:


i also compared Chilled On Ice with other cream shadows, but i don't have another colour that looks alike (lucky for me!).
MAC Chilled On Ice Paint Pot - Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow in Birthday Suit - Max Factor Masterpiece Colour Precision Eyeshadow in Pearl Beige - p2 Sun Love Summer Eye Shadow in Touch Of Paradise

artificial light - same order as above: MAC Chilled On Ice - Benefit Birthday Suit - Max Factor - p2

edit: you can read part II here.

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