Dec 6, 2010

I'm digging powders! part I

the last few months, i was quite obsessed with powders. effect powders but also your normal setting powder. loose powders favoured, as they have more of a boudoir feeling ... 
i think because you can use powders without any special occasion, they are not too obvious but still give a subtle effect, not as lip products (which really got neglected by me).
so i could also pamper my complexion every day, even when i went to work, while for my lips i would use a Korres lip butter at most.
needless to say i acquired some precious ones to satisfy my cravings...

let's do the ABC:

Alverde Powder Camouflage - to set your under-eye concealer, or used alone on the under-eye area. a fine slightly pinkish/white loose powder with teeeeny tiny shimmer bits. the packaging is really cute, a little mirror and a tiny pouf are in the screw-top. 
should work the same way as Benefit's Powderflage, Laura Merciers Secret Brightening Powder or the one from Bobbi Brown or Bare Escentuals.

should reflect the light to illumine and brighten your under-eye area to conceal your dark circles. still i find the effect so subtle, it leans to placebo...
note that i have never tried one of the above mentioned, though. so maybe it's just like that.
but kudos for Alverde, a german+drugstore+organic cosmetics brand to break such new ground.
no mention of content on the container, costs about 4€.

Bare Escentuals/ Bare Minerals Mineral Foundation SPF15 -  bought it last year in Paris, in the big Sephora Store on the Champs Élysées. that is the only positive thing i can say about this, the memory.
i didn't care much for this, it was so hyped that time, and i wanted to try some cult products and let go of the drugstore L'Oreal mineral foundation (with the built-in toilet brush *irony-alarm*). gosh, how and why was i thinking i would be a mineral foundation-person?
i used it few times and always found it giving me much too less coverage. i didn't like the finish either. it felt thick and greasy after only few hours while starting off looking and feeling too dry and chalky (even though it has some shimmer bits in it to give you this mineral-foundation-glow - that just looked ridiculous with my redness peeking through because of the nonexistent coverage).
i have it in medium beige, i still think it's too dark or orangey for me.
hence the shimmers and mineral particles reflect light, using  a (matching) mineral foundation as an under eye concealer or over one is really effective. but even this i couldn't pull off with the Bare Minerals because i don't want my under eyes appear orange-tanned as the rest of my face is still light-yellow.
i'm just keeping it for old time's sake.

next time we'll be heading to Chanel and Guerlain, i PROMISE i will have more positive things to say ;)


  1. Hi do you know how much is the content of the Alverde Powder? Is it more of a transparent setting powder like so many of the HD Powders on the market or is it more like a traditional talc-white face powder?

  2. annoyingly, the packaging doesn't state anything about the content amount. it's just a tiny little pot though, i guess something around 5g.
    it's definitely not a common talc powder but feels very silky. it's not completely transparent either but has a superslight brightening effect.


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