Dec 12, 2010

Guerlain Ecrin 6 Couleurs

these are new palettes to the Guerlain range. each retails for 72€ and contains 9g.
i own 3 of these, i love that they have neutral colours (which you can't have engough of) but also a pop of colour.
every palette is named after the address of one Guerlain store in paris.

the palettes come in velvet pouches. the casing is made of metal (which make the palettes soooooo heavy! they feel sooo luxurious in your hands), with an amazing  lace-like hole-pattern. and that cute bee!!! - Guerlains signature bee, which was already on the perfume bottles when they started being the royal court perfumer of france in 1853.

the palettes come with a little two-sided natural hair brush: a blending/sheer, mini-stiff-MAC 217-like application side and a flat liner/smudger side.
you then have to open a plastic lid which holds a mirror to the side to reveal the palette itself.

each has 4 neutral shades placed around a colourful center shadow and a line of an extra-pigmented dark matte shade on the side, which can be used as an eyeliner (even wet - it has a cake-eyeliner-character).
the shadows are firmly pressed and very finely milled. most are satin, matte or pearl finish and appear very sophisticated and fine. only a few shimmery/glittery shades.
pigmentation level is high - they are not buttery soft like Urban Decay or Artdeco eyeshadows, but many of these soft formulations seem just so high-pigmented, because you would grab a ton of product with one swatch.
i don't appreciate overly soft shadows that much - then preferably loose.
none to minimal fall-out, smooth and even application, no creasing or fading all day.

now to each palette:

#29 Rue de Sèvres

i swatched counterclockwise, beginning with the lightest shade.
  •  frosty champagne beige
  •  satin sand/light taupe
  •  satin cool brown with pink shimmer
  •  warm gray with blue shimmer
  •  frosty ice blue in the center
  •  matte cool dark brown on the side

#2 Place Vendôme

counterclockwise, beginning with lightest shade:
  • satin ivory/bone beige
  • satin gray toned beige/golden sand
  • shimmering cool toned old gold (my favourite colour)
  • matte cool dark gray/charcoal
  • pearly royal blue in the center
  • satin deep indigo with royal blue pearl as liner colour

#68 Champs Élysées

  • sparkly/frosty sheer white
  • satin warm grey/taupe (great for brows)
  • satin warm dark gray/taupe (great for brows also!)
  • pearly cool dark gray
  • pearly royal purple with pink shimmer in the center
  • matte black as a liner

do you have a Guerlain palette? or did you plan on buying one?


  1. I have the Place Vendome too. The golden color you love is actually very similar so MAC Smoke & Diamonds, another gorgeous shade.

  2. i also have MAC S&D, but i find the Guerlain colour to be much more golden, it's more a mixture of MAC S&D and the lighter tone of NARS Rajasthan duo. but they are definitely alike ;)


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