Dec 17, 2010

MAC swatches galore! - III Mineral Skinfinishes

next in cheek-products-row: MSF's
i have 5 of them, all were LE items, some are bought (overpriced :/ ) off evilbay.
but at some point of your make-up-addict-carreer, you just feel like you have to have them!

they are shimmery baked powders, most are so light you can use them as a highlighter colour, some are dark enough to be used as blush or bronzer. they all have fine shimmer and sparkle, so you have to be careful not to go overboard with them, or it'll emphasize your pores and make you look too shimmery/greasy. i apply them with a MAC 131 brush.
every MSF looks different and can vary in colour depending on the variation of the colours and veining.
10g cost 27.50€/19.50£/28$.

Perfect Topping

limited edition with the Sugarsweet collection early 2009, i bought it on ebay.
a swirly mix of light beige, peach, apricot, lavender and bronze. it applies as a pearly light champagne with gold and peach microshimmer. great for a soft highlight.

By Candlelight

this came out with Warm&Cozy winter 2009 and In The Groove summer 2010.
it's a pinky champagne infused with gold veining. it has pink and gold shimmer.
it's a stronger highlight than Perfect Topping. i also like to use it as an eyeshadow, also, and it's especially great on your cupid's bow.

Stereo Rose

it was limited edition in Gold Play 2005 and In The Groove 2010.
this is a peachy coral with darker copper veins and has a coppery pink sheen applied. it is more a blush colour than a highlight. but i don't really tend to use it, it is too metallic for me and would flatter a good and even skin much better as it emphasizes pores and even the tiniest bumps.
it was so coveted, i even bought a back up which i will definitely sell some time.

swirled together with veining - only lighter parts


released with Lingerie collection 2005 and In The Groove 2010 (and inbetween, i think?).
a light pink with burgundy and gold veins, it applies as a rosey colour with pink opalescence. it's beautiful as a littlest hint on other blushes. alone as blush it's too frosty for me.

mixed together - only light pink parts - veining parts


was limited edition with Blonde Brunette Redhead early 2009 - and a haul on ebay.
it is a multicolour MSF of four different intensities from light pink to rose. it has a fine light pink sheen/glimmer to it, i love to use the two lighter shades mixed together as a highlight. i haven't use it as a blush yet, because of the shimmering problem ;)

each shade on it's own, last swatch is everything mixed together.

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  1. Petticoat und die 3 "Haarfarben-MSFs" :D hab ich mir auch geholt. Zu schade, dass letztere limitiert waren. Den Schimmer von Redhead find ich alltagstauglich und habs täglich als Blush genommen. Bald wird er mir ausgehen :(


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