Dec 5, 2010


i want to show/swatch my products from the brand Hourglass. this is an U.S. brand, which is sold exclusively on in europe.
i was firstly intrigued by this brand as cutiepie ginabinawina99 talked about their concealer  and the fabulous shopping queen LisaLisaD1 hauled the foundation brush on youtube...

these are my little darlings:

the foundation brush, their "No. 2 brush". synthetic fibres in a metal handle, it is similar to the #55 Airbrush Foundation Brush by Sephora Professional, but slightly more dense and less fluffy and has a flattened shape. so it acts somewhere in-between a round fluffy and a paddle foundation brush.
at 47€, it's quite expensive. so if you're not a brush-fanatic like i am, you probably don't need this as there are many more affordable brushes out there that are alike (the cheapest is Essence with 3€).

in comparison to similar brushes:
 from left to right: Louise Young Super Foundation Brush LY34 - Hourglass No.2 - Sephora Professional Airbrush Foundation Brush - Essence Blush Brush

the Veil Mineral Primer SPF 15
that's what they say about it : "The Veil Mineral Primer restores moisture to dehydrated skin while providing protection from the sun and minimizing shine. Here are a few of the highlights:
¬ Minimizes the appearance of large pores and fine lines
¬ Preps skin for makeup application while extending its durability
¬ Naturally-derived Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide protects skin from UVA/UVB rays
This primer is also oil free, fragrance free, paraben free and has SPF 15.
Not only is this primer water resistant, it also makes your powder/foundation water resistant when used together. Perfect for humid or rainy environments!
" and they're right! i just wear this on special occasions, though. it comes in a frosted glass bottle with a metal cap and pump.

 it comes out as a milky cream and blends in with a dry, velvety feeling leaving a smooth, moisturized finish.
30ml will cost you about 43€.

their Hidden Corrective Concealer i have introduced to you in my last concealer-post.
it comes in 3 different shades, i have "Pearl", the lightest of all. this concealer is creamy and very high-coverage, it is perfect for your under-eye-area as it is also mysteriously illuminating. it contains 3.5g of product and costs about 26€.
that's how it looks applied, without anything else

the Femme Rouge lipsticks are their newest lipstick range. it has a uncommon square tip, which should make application with a lip brush easier. it houses in a heavy metallic tube and these lipsticks are made to be refillable, although i haven't seen zuneta stock on the refills. but a really great idea! i wish Guerlain would make refills for their Rouge G... :(
i have it in "Nocturnal", a berry shade with mauve undertones. this shade is perfect for the cold seasons.
it's creamy and moisturizing with a shiny finish and doesn't get into the fine lines of your lips, it doesn't bleed either. it's also long wearing (about 4-6 h) and fades evenly into a nice stain.
the square tip makes applying directly from the bullet a little bit harder.
3.5g of product will cost you about 25€.

as i made an order at with 2 Hourglass products, i received an extra lipstick from their older line (that is sorted out now), the Adorn range, as GWP. i was totally surprised and blown away, because at that time, this special offer wasn't officially valid. they gave me a blood red shade called "Icon".
it is just as high quality as the Femme Rouge lipsticks, but in a less luxurious packaging. this packaging reminds me of the Catrice Absolute Moisture lipsticks.
sadly it doesn't say how much product is in there and i don't know how much it did cost.

with my last order at zuneta, i got a sample-sized Film Noir mascara from Hourglass. with 4.5g it is a really generous sample! i like the brush alot, it grabs every lash. but the formula isn't stunning. its texture is creamy but it doesn't add any length or volume to your lashes. it will give you smooth feathery lashes as result and would serve as an ok-daytime mascara for those who have nice long and thick lashes. but for my short and straight asian-lashes, it can only act as a primer-mascara to separate and grab another mascara on top. i have also featured it in my november favourites.

i love to discover new brands and i hope you will take a look at Hourglass, they have beautiful products and is an excellent shop!

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  1. The Colour of the second Lipstick is very nice.

    LG Claudia


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