Dec 4, 2010

Barry M dazzle dusts

yesterday i received my Barry M dazzle dust order. this is my first time trying Barry M products. i went for neutral colours, as i could get the most wear out of them.
i ordered from there, the dazzle dusts cost even less than on ebay or on the official Barry M onlineshop (they come 4,69€ each plus about 4€ shipping costs in germany). shipping is really fast, i ordered tuesday night and received them on friday, despite the snow flurry everywhere.

this is #38 - Beige, a shimmery gold-beige.

#39 - Tan, with more of a frost/metallic finish.

#51 - Mushroom. beautiful purplish-silver-taupe. my second favourite of this order.

#52 - Silver Brown, the loser of this set. it is too red-based to work for me, even more reddish than on this pic.
this is one of the new shades, so i didn't find many swatches for this on the internet.

this is the last one, #89 Oyster Grey. my FAVOURITE  of this bunch, probably of all barry m dazzle dusts  i can predict (so it gets 2 pictures ;) ).
a very complex shade, it is a green/antique gold mixed with grey and has a purple/pink duochrome pearl with pink iridescents. like a real oyster's lustre.

this duochrome effect is quite impossible to get to show in pictures, but it is very strong and beautiful in real.

i like the packaging, it's in tiny glass jars and looks really sturdy and good quality. the jars don't have a sifter, so you must be careful not to spill it. unfortunately it doesn't say how much is in there. another annoying thing is that there is no name on the jar, only the numbers.

do you own some dazzle dusts?  what are your favourites?


  1. woha!
    deine beiden liebsten aus dieser bestellung finde ich auch am interessantesten.
    es wird wohl langsam zeit, dass ich barry m. für mich entdecke. :)
    liebe grüße

  2. ja, ich fand auch, dass es für mich langsam zeit wurde :)

  3. Ich habe einen in Winterberry und einen in Aqua Gold.

    Tan und Mushroom finde ich sehr schön!


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