Dec 8, 2010

Guerlain - why do you want to kill my bank account?

i am obsessed with Guerlain, i want to have them all!
the packaging is beyond comarison, the feeling of using the products is unbelievebly luxurious.
the price-point is hefty, of course, but once you've started, you can't look back...
today just some picture spam to show my love, in-dept reviews will follow these days. (but i'm quite biased, :P)

isn't this the most gorgeous packaging you've seen? <3
and there is still so much to get!

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  1. die verpackungen (besonders die lidschattenpaletten mit den ausgestanzten ornamenten) sind einzigartig schön.

    bitte zeig, was in den verpackungen drin ist. :D


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