Dec 14, 2010

I'm digging powders! part IV

two more Guerlain powders ;)

Guerlain Poudre De Perles Pressée

this is the pressed version of the loose Météorites. this is shade #01 Mythic Parfait, equivalent to the #01 Teint Rose of the loose pearls.
it is already the "old version", still multicoloured, still with a screw cap. early next year, Guerlain will release a new formula for this, in a mirrored compact, and it will be only monochromatic (still in 3 different shades) as i can detect on preview pics.
this is a more travel-friendly version of the Météorites powder, but you pay more and get less for these (about 50€ for 10g).
it contains 4 colours:
  • a satin light pink
  • a matte light beige
  • a slightly shimmery slightly darker beige
  • and a slightly shimmery mint green in the center.
it should give the same effect as the loose #01 powder: even out redness and brighten up your skin.
the shimmer of this powder is more detectable as a silky sheen, although at first it had a more shimmery overspray. it doesn't contain bigger sparkly bits as you can sometimes detect in the loose version.
i still like the loose version better, its packaging and the beautiful coloured pearls make using it such a joy!
you can totally use it on the entire face and not end up as a disco-ball. it is a finishing powder, not a highlighter.
as other Guerlain powders, this is also scented like Violets.

Les Voilettes Mineral

this is the newest loose powder from Guerlain, it's the Voilettes mineral powder (yeah, it's Voilettes = veil, not Violettes). i have it in shade #02 Beige Clair.

it comes in a round shaped golden plastic screw-top compact. i don't like the packaging very much, the gold looks beautiful and  precious, but the material is light and ordinary, and the top is a little loose. inside everything is black, a black pouf (that's not the greatest quality, just like their Météorites poufs, but bigger and with a Guerlain band.  in fact that's quite poor, because with a loose powder i would assume them to put a useable pouf inside.) and a black twist-to-open sifter.

but i really like what comes inside! this is the finest powder i have ever seen - it just melts into your skin and disappears instantly, leaving a silky finish (with no shimmer). you can use this powder either as a setting powder or build it up to use even as a light coverage mineral foundation. the powder is scented like Violets, again.
it would be a great powder for dry skins. with my oily skin, i don't find it enhancing the staying power of my foundations.

20g of this will set you back about 45€. it comes in 5 different shades, shade #02 Beige Clair would suit people about nc15-nc30 in MAC.

now we're done with Guerlain, next time let's move on to Kryolan, Kanebo/Sensai, Laura Mercier!


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