Dec 9, 2010


are you a perfume-wearer? i'm not.
i do like scents, especially flowery, fruity, sweet and fresh scents.
but i'm a forget-head. just like i am with jewellery. i don't miss my perfume scent, when i rush out. sometimes i remember that i have forgotten to put on some perfume, but in fact that's too late. but then i would think: next time! or: you should put a little tester perfume into your purse to have an "emergency perfume". but this i would forget to do, also :P

so i still posess some really old perfumes (some are almost 10 years old. don't hate me, perfume-lovers), from the times you'd get one from your boyfriend for christmas, or birthday. (today i wouldn't wait for a surprise gift, i would buy myself or tell him what i want exactly - but usually my needs aren't on perfumes. don't need to be the cute one anymore :P)
i haven't ever finished a bottle, either.

i still want some scents, though, like DKNY the green apple one, or Dior's Miss Chérie, or the L'eau d'Issey, one or two Juicy Coutures and some more. but with perfume, i still feel bad to spend so much money and not really using them up with joy (which isn't the case with make up that i know i could neeeeverrrr finish).

so i am totally okay with testers. this way i can have a variety of scents and haven't even spent money on them, but even these i never finish...
i keep all of them in a box, which only gets fuller and fuller with every make up purchase i make ;) i like the miniature testers, also -  aren't they cute?

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