Dec 28, 2010

MAC Stylishly Yours Beauty Powders - highlighter comparison

this was an absolutely spontaneous purchase for me, i never planned to get these (i always make to-buy/to-look-at-lists when the collection-previews come out). but then everybody on the virtual beauty world was so pleased with them, i had to give in.
the talk is about the Beauty Powders of MAC's recent Stylishly Yours collection. i ordered at on dec 24th, and today the package arrived.
i saved some money with a 5€-off-code and because i purchased above 39€, i could use some GWP codes so i got some extra goodies .
those were:
  • Estée Lauder Sumptous mascara sample (twice, i think it's just by oversight)
  • Helena Rubinstein Lash Queen Sexy Blacks mascara sample
  • Lancome Trésor body lotion, 50ml
  • Lancome Génifique serum sample
  • Estée Lauder Perfectionist serum sample
  • 5€ voucher for my next in-store purchase

now to the Beauty Powders:
i bought both, i couldn't decide. they come in a mirrored compact and contain 10g of product. each costs 22€, which i think is really reasonable in comparison to the Highlighters or MSFs.

 Too Chic is a pale white gold with gold pearl and slight soft shimmers. it's a very fine powder that i would describe as a child of love if Perfect Topping MSF and NARS Albatross highlighter would pair. soooo beautiful!!!  if Albatross is too yellow-gold for you, this would be perfect.

Too Chic in natural lighting
artificial light
Too Chic in comparison to similar highlighting powders
compared to other highlighters:
  • upper left: Lorac Perfectly Lit highlighter in Spotlight
  • upper middle: MAC beauty powder in Too Chic
  • upper right: NARS Albatross
  • lower left: Dior Shimmer Powder in Amber Diamond
  • lower right: MAC MSF in Perfect Topping
thumb: Lorac Spotlight, index: MSF Perfect Topping, middle finger: MAC Too Chic, ring finger: Dior Amber Diamond, pinkie: NARS Albatross
swatched: MAC Too Chic as a strip on the upper part, second row: Lorac Spotlight - MAC MSF Perfect Topping - Dior Amber Diamond - NARS Albatross

this is me wearing Too Chic, it's just amazing, doesn't emphasize pores or looks greasy. i wear it on the top of my cheeks and on my brow bone in this pic, i used the MAC 131 brush. i'm very happy i bought it.

Play It Proper is a pale icy pink with soft white pearl and almost no visible shimmer when applied. it's just as finely milled as Too Chic.

Play It Proper in natural lighting
Play It Proper in artificial light
Play It Proper in comparison to other products

compared to similar products:
  • upper left: Clinique blush in Tuxedo Plum
  • upper right: MAC Beauty Powder in Play It Proper
  • lower left: MAC MSF in Blonde
  • lower middle: MAC Blush in Well Dressed
  • lower right: MAC MSF in By Candlelight
thumb: light stripe of MAC Blonde - index: lightest stripe of Clinique Tuxedo Plum - middle finger: MAC Play It Proper - ring finger: MAC Well Dressed - pinkie: MAC By Candlelight
the two i find most alike -  index: Clinique Tuxedo Plum - middle finger: MAC Play It Proper
MAC Play It Proper - MAC Blonde - MAC Well Dressed - MAC By Candlelight - Clinique Tuxedo Plum


  1. How does MAC Too Chic compare with MAC Ricepaper eyeshadow?

  2. Ricepaper is quite chunky compared to Too Chic Beauty Powder. it's more a pale champagner-gold while Too Chic is a pearlescent beige-gold. hth :)


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