Jul 30, 2011

brush weekend II: RMK Cheek Brush S + RMK Brush & Tip M

i loved my RMK Face Powder and Cheek brushes, so when i noticed that they do one other face brush i surely wanted to call it mine. so i contacted the customer service of bonboncosmetics.com where i purchased my other RMK brushes and asked if they could get the Cheek Brush S for me. luckily they could and i placed another order together with one more eye brush by the brand, i guess i'm quite well supplied with RMK brushes now ;)
bonboncosmetics.com have a super nice customer service and offer free delivery with any purchase above 30$ (i think this is not hard to do ;)). they offer asian high end brands and also Chanel, Guerlain & co. at reasonable prices. i have ordered many times from there yet and am a very happy customer, i can totally recommend this online shop to you!

RMK is the brand by Rumiko, a well known japanese Make Up Artist who founded her own line in 1997. they are known for their foundations and colourful make up range. their brushes are made by Chikuhodo, one of japan's best manufacturers.
the brushes always come in nice plastic pouches. they have rather short handles (which are convenient to handle when you are myopic and don't wear contacts ;)) and are perfectly crafted.

RMK Cheek Brush S

the Cheek Brush S is not only the slightly smaller version of their Cheek Brush, but it's also made of a blend of grey squirrel and mountain goat hair instead of pure squirrel hair. so it's still really soft but has more volume and texture to it and is just the ideal blush brush when you want to cut it down to 1 piece. it handles every pigmentation with ease and applies evenly and precise. it blends beautifully and effectively and also acts nicely as a small powder brush.
it washes nicely and kept the shape, it also did not loose any hairs yet.
i only don't understand why this brush (which is made of a less luxurious hair material) is more expensive than the regular Cheek Brush, it costs 59.99$ while the normal Cheek Brush was 48.99$.
although these brushes seem expensive, i find their quality totally relativate the costs.




MAC 116 - RMK Cheek Brush S - RMK Cheek Brush
MAC 116 - RMK Cheek Brush S - RMK Cheek Brush

RMK Brush & Tip M

the RMK Brush & Tip M is my first dual ended brush product ever. it has a small eyeshadow brush on one end and a medium sized sponge tip applicator on the other end. while i totally dislike dual ended brushes because i store mine in a brush holder, i wanted to try this Brush & Tip because it has a small and promising eyeshadow brush. the other eye brushes i have from RMK are rather big and not suited for precise application. since i don't use sponge applicators (anymore) i thought that i would only buy this for the brush side and would stick it into my brush stand with the sponge tip end.
sponge tip applicators seem to be quite popular as serious beauty tools in asia, i see a lot of high end brands have several high quality versions in their range, different sizes and shapes and also different materials of the sponge.

the Brush & Tip range also has a smaller sized sponge applicator while the eyeshadow brush is all the same. i chose the medium size because i thought it would be most versatile.
the sponge applicator is interchangeable (you can buy replacement packs) and is of a decent quality, it's made of a fine foam rubber material. when i tried it out of curiosity i was pleasantly surprised by the result it gave. the application was even and smooth, the colour was intense and it was actually very nice to use! it's quick and i could even blend out the eyeshadow to a certain extend. i guess this brush-girl is somewhat back into sponge applicators again! i want to try it a bit more and might buy one or few more nice (!) applicators to add to my collection of beauty tools.

the eyeshadow brush side is a small flat brush made of horse hair. horse hair is a thick but soft and very sleek hair type. it's flexible and has not much volume since the hair texture is so sleek. it doesn't grab a lot of product but also doesn't absorb any product, so you will still get a good pay-off. the size and shape is perfect for my small lid space and it applies even dark colours evenly and builds up the colours nicely to an intense finish.
i wish it was a bit firmer since i don't like the wobbly tip for applying eyeshadow on the lower lashline but otherwise nothing to complain.
the RMK Brush & Tip M costs 34.99$.

eyeshadow brush side pre-wash

eyeshadow brush side post-wash


bottom to top: MAC 239 - MAC 242 - RMK Brush & Tip M - RMK Eyeshadow Brush L - RMK Eyeshadow Brush M
bottom to top: MAC 239 - MAC 242 - RMK Brush & Tip M - RMK Eyeshadow Brush L - RMK Eyeshadow Brush M

i really love the RMK face brushes, i think they are of excellent quality and you need to try at least one of them. the bigger surprise for me however is my newly aroused affinity for sponge tips!


  1. "which are convenient to handle when you are myopic and don't wear contacts" this is sooo true!! hahaha

  2. hi im very must interested in acquiring rmk brushes. were you able to purchase the 2010 rmk brush set?

  3. Would you recommend on buying the cheek brush S or the regular one? Is it better than Suqqu cheek brush?

  4. @chelle: the Cheek brush (regular) is made with squirrel hair and much softer and more delicate than the cheek brush S (blend of goat & squirrel). it's very comparable to suqqu, but i will do a in-depth review soon.
    i definitely prefer the regular version but the cheek brush s is also an excellent choice!


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