Jul 3, 2011

brush weekend: IPSA Brush Squirrel M

last for today is the ÍPSA Brush Squirrel M.
i ordered it from bonboncosmetics.com, it costs 42.99$.
it's a large eyeshadow brush and has a long filbert shape. it's made of pine squirrel hair which is very soft and smooth. it's fluffier than blue or grey squirrel so it has less flexibility than those hair types. since this brush is made with rather long fibers, the tip of the brush is especially movable so it's very suited to apply a soft and sheer wash of colour all over your lid or brow bone area and blend out that colour with the tip at the same time. it's densely packed so blending is quite easy with this brush. holding it sideways it can also apply deeper crease colours with the tapered fine tip.
it's not made for intense colour application, though.
it washes nicely, keeps the shape and feels great on the delicate skin of your eyelids. the handle is short but well made, it's a glossy lacquered wood handle with a matte black metal ferrule.
this brush is not a multipurpose brush, it's not a must have, but a lovely addition to my collection.




Hakuhodo B532BkSL - Hakuhodo S121G - IPSA Brush Squirrel M - MAC 239
Hakuhodo B532BkSL - Hakuhodo S121G - IPSA Brush Squirrel M - MAC 239

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  1. That looks like a great brush from a brand I've never heard of before. The container it comes in looks cool too!


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