Jul 8, 2011

Nubar Angel.


uh, what a lovely polish. i've seen Nubar Angel nail polish on londonmakeupgirl.com and had to have it instantly. i found it on ebay for about 6€ (shipping included).
Angel is a sheer nude with pale gold shimmer and pearly pink and copper duochrome, it looks like glistening mother of pearl in a bottle (especially beautiful in sunlight!). applied in one coat, it's a beautiful subtle copper shimmer. two coats will give you a stronger effect with the pink sheen being more apparent, but it's still not completely opaque. i also like to layer it in one coat over darker shades, especially dark purples.
the Nubar bottle looks very chic, it contains 15ml. i like the handle, it allows a good grip and exact control of the brush. it has a thin round brush but applies very well thanks to the great consistency. it dries quickly to a less glossy finish, so i would recommend a top coat. it has an amazing staying power, doing housework, typing and all other nail-polish-killing things still could not flaw my manicure. due to minimal tip wear on 3 of 10 fingers, but mostly because i wanted a new look for my nails, i removed it after 4 days.


  1. Super schöner Lack! Der Schimmer sieht ganz toll aus und dazu ist er noch alltagstauglich ;)!

  2. 6€ für das Fläschchen sind echt ein super Preis! Die Farbe hatte ich bislang gar nicht wirklich in Erwägung gezogen, weil die Reviews auf anderen Blogs nicht unbedingt so positiv waren wie deine. Aber es ist schon ein schöne, und eben alltagstaugliche, Farbe!

  3. I love the duochrome effect. It's beautiful.


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