Jul 5, 2011

Lord & Berry Seta Red Gold

the gold eyeshadow of the day is Lord&Berry Seta in Red Gold.
i ordered it on asos.com when it was marked down to 4.75£, with free shipping it's really ok.
i have never heard of this brand before, but well, this one is gold and that's all i need to know ;) i bought it in refill pan form, the pan has the same size as MAC refills (so would fit in common palettes).
Red Gold is a shimmery peachy gold. it's finely milled and smooth but not too soft. it applies evenly and rather sheer. it blends out nicely and lasts well on me. on the lids it gives a peachy gold silk sheen, i find this to be a gold that looks good with berry/pink shades. the sheerness works with your skintone to make it appear more ... fruity. yes, i can't describe it in a different way. it just looks more fruity to me than all the other golds.
for other combinations i find it too be a bit too sheer and too peach.

this is how it looks worn. i had MAC Trax and Bobbi Brown Pink Coral Blush in the outer corner and the crease. normally i would wear this with a thick black liner, but here without for better demonstration ;)


  1. naturally beautiful finish! i love it sweetie :D www.lovingsunshine.com

  2. Great colour!

    Kisses from Hong KOng,

  3. That sounds and looks nice! I'll try to keep this brand in the back of my mind for the time when my next shopping craze hits me :D

  4. Pretty colour! I don't hear enough about this brand, I'm quite intrigued by them.


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