Jul 16, 2011

MAC Semi Precious: Golden Gaze.

this year MAC really managed well to either leave me completely cold with their collections or disappoint me with the quality of their few interesting items.
from the first glance, Semi Precious was a collection i would have wanted to buy almost completely, but from many online swatches and reviews, most items seemed like a real let-down. the only product that seemed wearable for me and had good reviews was Golden Gaze Mineralize Eyeshadow. i ordered it on breuninger.de, it came within 3 days. the Mineralize Eyeshadows contain 2g (they once contained 2.2g) and cost 19.50€.
Golden Glaze is a charcoal black infused with brassy gold glimmer. it has a medium pigmentation and applies evenly. i was a bit disappointed of how it looked when applied dry - a bit muddy, a bit sheer, and the gold shimmer too invisible. i expected it to be more like a blackened gold.
it blends out well, but looks like a too long worn smudged black eye make up without intensity and uniqueness. if you want to get its full effect, you need to use it wet. then it's a great shade for a statement smokey eye (but the gold shimmer will crease on the black base) but also as an eyeliner for everyday wear it's beautiful.
all in all this is a nice shade to use wet as a liner (and even then i would need something to seal it to avoid it transferring) but otherwise it's not comparable to the other Mineralize Eyeshadows by MAC that i own. if this is one of the better textures that MAC came up with in this collection, i'm truly disappointed.

MAC Golden Gaze in sunlight, swatched dry

MAC Golden Gaze in sunlight swatched dry - swatched wet


applied dry on UDPP

applied wet on UDPP

used wet as a liquid liner


  1. Nass aufgetragen kommt der goldene Schimmer richtig schön zur Geltung!

  2. I think it looks really pretty on you!

  3. yeah, I haven't been really interested in any of Mac's limited edition collections this past year.

    the last thing I bought was the "My Paradise" cheek powder that came out in the surf baby collection

  4. Die Farbe ist richtig schön. Gefällt mir (:

  5. This is so beautiful, very very jealous! (I'm allergic to Mac eyeshadow!)

    Why not check out my new beauty blog, The Glossy Guide?

  6. WOW! Feucht aufgetragen sieht der so wahnsinnig toll aus bei dir! :D

    Liebe Grüße

  7. I am so in love with this shadow. Glad I looked at swatches because when I heard MAC Mineralize, I was immediately turned off. First MAC I have bought in quite some time!

  8. This is TOO pretty on you! I'm a sucker for these burnished gold-olive shades.


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