Jul 25, 2011

Hakuhodo Brushes IV

i recently placed a small order on hakuhodousa.com when i saw they have launched a number of new brushes for their G-Series, they look amazing!
the G-Series is probably their more innovative line where rather uncommon materials (hair blends, synthetic fibres, duo fibres etc.) and shapes are used so Hakuhodo describes it as the "wave of the future trend". these brushes are made with simple and classic rather short handles.

to get more information about my brushes by Hakuhodo, the brand or ordering/shipping experiences click through my previous reviews I, II and III.

G5538BkSL Powder Brush round

the G5538BkSL is a really an interesting brush, and that is probably the main reason why i bought it. it's shaped like a round fluffy blending brush you know from your eye brush collection but is huge version of it. it's made of white goat hair and is very soft, as soft as goat hair can get. because the hairs are pretty long, the brush is quite fluffy and loose so it's perfect to apply thin layers of powder products to targeted areas. i have used and enjoyed it with loose powders (for the t-zone), pigmented blushes and highlighting powders. it's also nice used as a face blending brush (used clean to blend blush+bronzer/contour+highlighter into each other and with the rest of your make up).
the shape also reminds me of the traditional Yachiyo brushes, but i much prefer this handle type as it's a lot sturdier.
this brush has quite a strong goat smell which needs about 2-3 washes to disappear. it washes nicely and doesn't shed.
at 28$ i think this is a nice detail face brush to have.

Hakuhodo G5538BkSL - Hakuhodo Yachiyo Large Pointed
Hakuhodo G5538BkSL - Hakuhodo Yachiyo Large Pointed (it's used and has blush residues on it)

G5521BkSL Highlight Brush pointed

the G5521BkSL is a round and tapered highlighting brush that is made of a blend of blue squirrel and goat hair. it's very dense and soft and almost as silky feeling as my other (pure) blue squirrel brushes by Hakuhodo but the goat hair gives it extra resistance and bounce.
from shape and size it reminds of the MAC 165 but since it's made of much smoother hair, it's not nearly as fluffy and a lot slimmer (also it feels so much better on the skin!). because the 165 is fluffier it is more suited for blending work.
this brush is good to use with highlighters since the pointy tip deposits the product exactly where you want it. i also like to use it for a defined cheek contour and to contour the nose. it's small enough to smooth loose powder on your undereye area.
it hasn't shed yet and washed nicely without bleeding dye or loosing the shape.
it costs 33$.

Hakuhodo G5521BkSL - MAC 165
Hakuhodo G5521BkSL - MAC 165

G5533BkSL Eyeshadow Brush round

the G5533BkSL is a round blending type brush made with blue squirrel hair. it has a rather flat tip unlike Hakuhodo's other "windshield wiper" brushes (like the S142 or the G5523BkSL) which are more tapered. it reminds me of the MAC 222 but is softer and smaller.
it can blend colours softly and also applies a beautiful soft dark crease area which is suited for daytime looks since it's a bit fluffier but the small brush head with the smooth squirrel hair still fits well into the crease. the size is ideal for my rather small eyelid space.
however, i'm quite undecided about this brush. it's very nice, a good quality brush, but i have other brushes that will do the same trick like this and which are more versatile. this one is not a real blending brush and not a real crease brush. it's good to have for those days when you only want a hint of a crease colour and again a proof of decent craftsmenship, but not a must have or a favourite (yet).
this brush washes well and didn't loose one hair. it costs 23$.
from using all kinds of brushes i have to say that i still prefer goat or sable hair over squirrel for eye brushes but squirrel hair for face brushes is not to outperform.

Hakuhodo S142 - Hakuhodo G5533BkSL - MAC 224
Hakuhodo S142 - Hakuhodo G5533BkSL - MAC 224


  1. I have that blending brush too and I love it! so soft! I use it almost every day now, lol

  2. I love it when you review Hakuhodo brushes. =)

    I've been thinking about getting some myself but the shiny handle is making me hesitate. (I prefer matte black handles.)

  3. I was so excited when Hakuhodo released these new brushes that i bought several of these! LOL. I love the G5538BkSL Powder Brush round for the T-zone and undereye area too.
    Also, I love your reviews, especially the ones about brushes because I probably love them as much as you do (i own about 100+) and I feel so happy not to be alone in the world of high end brushes! ;-)

  4. I've been putting together an order for the new brushes so this review really helps as I had been eyeing these three brushes.


  5. More Hakuhodo! O-O, that is how I found your lovely blog..... I've been dying to buy some of their brushes and the list seems to be getting bigger and bigger!

  6. You should use brush-guards to prevent the brush hairs from spreading and splaying out over time.

  7. hmm, i totally dislike the idea of brush guards. i think they do less for my precious brushes than they could harm them.
    first, some people use them right after they washed their brushes, while they are still wet, to let the brushes dry in them to keep the shape - but the brush guards will make your brushes dry slower so they could even mould inside or the glue will loosen much quicker. brushes should dry in fresh air. the net-design of the BG doesn't help at all.
    second, the net design is also the weak point: if you use the BG to keep your brushes while travel, the hairs could break when they come into the net's holes and the brush guard does slip around, even if only a little.
    i think good brushes should keep their shape on their own, or they only need a helping sweep of your hands.

  8. So ich hab mir jetzt alle deine Hakuhodo Reviews durchgelesen, und bin jetzt total angefixt. Ich würde gerne nächsten Monat ein paar bestellen (den Monat siehts mau aus :D )und hab noch ein paar Fragen:

    Hattest du schon Probleme mit dem Zoll bei deinen Bestellungen oder schreiben sie einen geringeren Warenwert aufs Paket?

    Welcher der Pinsel ist dein absoluter Favorit? Ich werde mir anfangs eher ein paar billigere kaufen, um die Marke auszutesten, also eher dein Favorit unter 35 $ :)

    Danke schonmal für deine Antwort :)

  9. cool!
    also ich hatte bisher nie probleme mit dem zoll gehabt wegen hakuhodo-bestellungen.
    ich lass es mir immer als geschenk schicken, dann schreiben sie einen niedrigeren warenwert drauf.
    unter 35$ sind außer die blender-ähnlichen eyeshadow-pinsel aus der g-series der 212 round highlighter (20$) für concealer und der 210 blush brush (26$).


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