Jul 6, 2011

MAC Mayhem.

gold eyeshadow of the day!
here is MAC Mayhem Mineralize Eyeshadow. it was released as part of MAC's Holiday collection 2009 Magic, Mirth and Mischief. i haven't bought it back then due to my former aversion to warm eyeshadow colours, but this summer i'm on the mission to catch up on all the awesome golds i've missed until now and found this beauty on allcosmeticswholesale.com.
i paid something around 15€ for this, i find this is a good deal since i paid (i think) 19€ each for the 3 other Mineralize Eyeshadows of this collection when it was launched (see swatches here). i really liked this collection, and MAC's Mineralize Eyeshadows in general.
it contains 2.2g.
Mayhem contains two colours, the shimmery silvery white is really rubbish, it's flaky and sheer, fall out heavy and just very unpleasant to use. you could use it wet for a really heavy white shimmer. the other colour though, is the only reason why i bought this: it's a highly shimmery bronzey gold. it has a very nice smooth texture and a high pigmentation for a baked shadow. applied, this has a metallic finish and is a rich bronze with gold shimmer. it applies evenly wihtout fall outs and doesn't pull orange on me.
it blends beautifully and lasts all day on me without creasing.
complete success. i love this colour.
if you like this shade, you could still get it for a very good deal from various wholesellers and on ebay.

this is how it looks applied:
i wore Mayhem on the lid, with MAC Retrospeck on the inner corner and used to blend out.

for comparison swatches, look forward to my big comparison post that i will do soon.


  1. Wow - super schönes Duo! Der Schimmer und die Pigmentierung sind einfach toll ♥

  2. That gold is absolutely beautiful! I always find the glittery side of the duos to be terrible too! xx

  3. This looks so, so SO beautiful - very jealous that you own that!

  4. You must be the first person I have ever seen wearing this shadow and looking really good! In my opinion, this colour is very hard to pull off.

  5. ahhh now this looks beautiful. im glad it wasnt chalky and applied smoothly. and im really glad it didnt crease on you like the stila shadow did!

  6. Great post!

    Kisses from Hong KOng,

  7. I love your eye shape.


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