Jul 7, 2011

NARS Exotic Dance.

gold eyeshadow of the day is NARS Eyeshadow Duo in Exotic Dance.
it was released as part of the summer collection 2011 (don't know if it will stay in the permanent range, though). initially i only bought Dogon, the other duo of the look since i was not convinced by the white shade in the Exotic Dance duo and could not justify to buy it only for the gold shade. but the more swatches i saw the more i wanted the dirty gold shadow of this palette.
i bought it on ebay for about 28$. NARS duos contain 4g.
the packaging is as always a sturdy rubberized compact with a full sized mirror.
the light shade is a sheer frosty icy white which is a bit flaky. applied, it appears like a sheer white sheen and lightens up the eyes subtly. the flakies can be blended away easily.
the gold is a muted neutral gold with slight taupe hints. it applies lighter than it appears in the pan since it has a white gold shimmer. it has the fine silky texture that i'm used to with NARS shadows which applies evenly and blends beautifully.
the colour melts into my skin to create a radiant warm and light wash. a work appropriate gold - love it for an effortless look in the summer .
the eyeshadows last all day on me.

this is how it looks worn (if you have noticed, i just introduced a new category/label for the blog, called tihilw - stands for "this is how it looks worn". from now on you can click that label to see all products that i have also showed on me. also there is a new eye make up label that is linked to all posts where i show an eye make up look. click for some inspiration etc.)

here i wore the shimmery white in the inner corner and the gold shade all over on the lid. MAC Powersurge Eye Kohl on the lower lashline & outer half of the lid.


  1. wow this duo looks stunning on you! so natural and brightening..i love it :)

  2. Woooooonderful!
    I love NARS products!

  3. So sikole and classy your make uo :)

    LOVE IT !


  4. very nice ;)



  5. I want this so badly! It looks amazing!

  6. looks amazing *_*


  7. Hi, it looks realy beautiful, but you always buy the same colors... Is it worth?

  8. thank you everyone!

    @anonymous: hi
    thank you ;)
    yes, i only tend to buy neutrals in every nuance. this time it's the golds (and in my comparison post tomorrow you will see that they are not that similar). for me it's worth it, because the different shades still make me happy, there was no regrettable purchase yet. also, i'm not a colourful girl - that's my personal preference but also my working environment would not allow to look like a colourful parakeet ;) of course i have some colours in my stash, but just i don't need too many of them. i think 90% of my eyeshadows are neutrals.
    all in all: do you need so many gold eyeshadows? no! but in the end, no one needs any make up products at all. it's fun and we like it, and if we can, we buy it. isn't it so?

  9. Nichts gegen dich persönlich, aber fast alle deine Lidschatten bzw. AMUs sehen exakt gleich aus.

  10. ;) kein problem.
    allerdings zeige ich mit den amu's nur die eyeshadows in action und nicht speziellere make-up-artist-künste (deren ich auch nicht mächtig bin) ;)


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