Jul 28, 2011

Urban Decay Liquid Liner in Lucky and Roach.

because i was quite pleased with the first UD Liquid Liner i bought in the shade Honey, i wanted to try some more colours of this line. i really like the colourful liquid liner as a special twist in my eye make up look or as a really quick and easy look on its own.
i bought these two on ebay, they were quite bargain-ish but original. UD Liquid Liners contain 7.5ml.
again i really dislike the cute but impractical inkwell design of the packaging, but the product is nice and affordable. plus, Urban Decay produces a wide array of colours to choose from.
the brush has a nice flexibility and fine tip and i find it quite easy to handle. most important these liquid liners last all day on my oily lids without crumbling, smudging or the stamp-effect. 

Lucky is a bronzey copper with a metallic finish. it has a thick liquid consistency and applies even and opaque in one stroke. it's a very warm and eyecatching colour due to the reflective finish. i have to make sure to apply plenty of mascara or tightline or double line to avoid my eyes looking naked when wearing this.

Urban Decay Liquid Liner in Lucky swatched & after an intense rub test


Roach first and foremost is a terrible name for a cosmetic product.
otherwise it's a shimmery aubergine colour with small multicolour glitter. it's a nice subtle colour that can be worn everyday since it appears like a slighty shimmery dark maroon brown on the lid.
it was a bit gritty when i first opened it, so i tried to dilute it with some drops of a fixing spray. now it has a better texture but still a bit gritty. i would use it with a separate eyelining brush from now on because i find the applicator much too messy.

Urban Decay Liquid Liner in Roach swatched & after an intense rub test



  1. Roach is gorgeous!
    Have you tried it as an eyeshadow base? Love it.

  2. bäh allein wegen des namens würde ich roach nicht haben wollen :D

  3. I have to have Lucky - that color is to die for :)

  4. Lucky is beautiful! I'd like to think that Roach was named to fit with their stoner/baked theme, but it's the colour of cockroaches which puts me off D:

  5. your mascara in those pictures is one of the most terrifying things I've ever seen. I think I'm going to pass on this site.

    1. hi!
      thanks for the comment :)
      i know my lashes are not the best, but other than pitying myself, even more i envy you to live in such a sheltered world where you haven't have to see the really terrifying things. you lucky one! feel blessed!


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