Jul 23, 2011

Givenchy Le Prisme Blush Blooming Fuchsias.

another of my new cosmetic jewels is the Givenchy Le Prisme Unique Blush in Blooming Fuchsias. it was part of their fall collection 2010, again a piece that i could only yearn for from afar since this brand was unaccessible to me at that time (fyi Givenchy is available online at escentual.com and now also at douglas.de). it was the biggest Givenchy lusting i had next to the Fleur de Frangipanier powder (that i also own now hehehe).

after having it on the watch-list on ebay for some months i finally took the plunge and splurged for it. it originally cost 48.50$ and was sold for about 72$ on ebay (with shipping) so it probably is my most expensive blusher until now. it contains 8g which is a lot for a blush.
but it's also the most beautiful one in my collection. i could drool over it all the time! it's sooo prettyyyyy!

that already starts with the packaging, it folds open with a symbolic butterfly/flower design. the compact again is detailed to the last bit with the clap&slide mechanism. a pink dot design print under the 4G window in the lid with magnetic closure. the the extra drawer underneath also has a magnet and
houses a small brush which hair is even protected by a small lid. the brush is of decent quality and made with soft natural hair, but it's too thin to be useful.
for a packaging nerd like me this is like heaven ;)

the powder itself has a design of four connected cubes, it consists of sprinkles of different colours:
  • a terracotta brown
  • a vibrant pink
  • a light peachy beige
  • a light cool pink
so every blush is individual and will look different. it's impossible to use each colour alone, but i think the colours look best when mixed together anyway. the colours swirled together give a coraly pink shade without shimmer.
the powder has a sweet flowery scent. the texture is silky and very fine and it creates a satin finish with a natural radiance. it's a lot sheerer than i expected such a bright powder to be, but in a beautiful and soft way but not in a low-pigmentation-way. Blooming Fuchsias still remains a vivid colour. it has a lightness and transparency to it unlike the more opaque matte blushes by Guerlain, NARS or Cargo that i like but still has a refining quality to it just like them, it beautifies your skin and looks amazing on my cheeks. it smoothes out the skin and applies as an even colour although it's so sheer. it blends effortlessly and lasts all day on me without fading or getting blotchy.
overall a beautiful blush, a bit painful for my budget but fabulous down to the last detail.
i definitely need more of Givenchy's blushes ;)

Givenchy Blooming Fuchsias in natural light: all colours swirled together for a heavy swatch & blended swatch


no blusher - with Givenchy Blooming Fuchsias


  1. OMG, How GORGEOUS! I love every single detail. The sliding compartment for the blush is so cute! Love it!

    It would probably kill me to swatch it. lol It's almost too pretty to use! haha I'm going to have to look into Givenchy blushes.

  2. Wow! It´s beautiful! ♥♥♥

  3. WOW!
    Sieht grandios aus! :)
    LG :)

  4. Oh, that is so, so beautiful even if it does almost break the bank!

    Why not check out my new beauty blog, The Glossy Guide?

  5. what a gorgeous color. It's even pretty to look at :)

  6. Oh Gott, wie schön ist das???

  7. It is so beautiful...but I guess everything just looks adorable on your cheeks...

  8. Beautiful packaging! The shade looks great on you!

  9. Mal wieder super schön, aber definitiv zu teuer für "einfach mal so". Ich seh es eher als große Belohnung :)

  10. Das blush sieht toll aus aber die Verpackung gefällt mir überhaupt nicht

  11. omgoodness. the blush looks gorgeous and the packaging looks amazing! thanks for sharing :)

  12. Das Blush ist der absolute Hammer!!!


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