Jul 28, 2011

Bare Minerals High Shine Eyecolor in Glisten.

sorry for being rather MIA the last days and the lack of posts!
now i'm back into blogging and have so many things to share with you - starting with the Bare Minerals High Shine Eyecolor in Glisten.
it's a loose shadow that comes in a 90ies style applicator-in-a-tube-packaging. it looks nice but is a total mess to use. it has a spring mechanism so it will pop up after screwing it open. the applicator is huge and everytime i'm taking it out of the tube some product will fly around.
Glisten is a highly metallic taupe with pale antique gold sheen. it's really a chameleon colour that looks taupe or gold depending on the angle and light you look at it. i don't have a similar colour in my stash.
since i don't like to use the big foam applicator i tried to take the product with a brush from there but this seems ineffective. it's really the best way to get the shadow on your eyelid using the applicator, with it you will get the most opaque and metallic finish,  and then work out the edges with your brushes/tools.
on the downside there is a lot of fall out with it, so i would strongly recommend to apply the foundation after your eye make up.
it has a great staying power and keeps the foil-like shine over the whole day without creasing or fading. the reflective shine creates a bright look but i would need to frame it with a warmer shade to balance it out.
i paid 18$ for this on ebay (shipping included) and it contains only 1.5g. i think Bare Minerals products are always quite overpriced as they usually contain only a small amount of product.

Bare Minerals Glisten swatched using the sponge applicator, you see that it applies quite messy and looks different in the pics.

i applied Glisten on the lid and framed it with Twinks eyeshadow from MAC. eyeliner was Urban Decay Roach.
MAC Powersurge on the lower lashline.


  1. Gorgeous color :) I love the way it looks on your eyes! Thanks for the post -

    <3 Sidd

  2. Aaagh I have to say hate fallout.. (when it happens, not the game, love that!! ;) but the color does look really great!
    And I love the look, neutral yet a beautiful and interesting color combination!


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