Jul 16, 2011

NARS Earth Angel.

NARS Earth Angel Eyeshadow Duo is from their permanent line, i don't know why i have never looked at it although it's such a wearable, neutral palette. i bought it over a month ago from hqhair.com together with the Brousse duo. NARS Eyeshadow Duos normally cost 23.50£ (i had a 15%- or 20%-off code so this makes it a really good price) and contain 4g.
Earth Angel is a really good name for this palette, it contains two neutral, muted, earthy colours.
the first shade is a light taupe with rosy undertones. it has a pearly shimmer. it looks very natural, though can emphasize on dark undereye circles and make you look fatigue if not combined well, also undereye concealer is a must for me when i wear this shadow.
the other shade is a mossy/olive green with fine gold shimmer. both shades are softly pressed and have a very fine texture (although the taupe is a fraction more smooth than the green). the colours apply silky and evenly and blend effortlessly. these eyeshadows have the same good staying power like i'm used to with NARS.
this duo is not at all an exciting or dramatic one but is made for the more subtle and daywear looks.
on its own i have to admit i find it quite boring since this duo lacks of contrast in the intensity of the shades so i prefer to combine Earth Angel with bolder colours (since i don't have to work at the hospital at the moment hehehe). i think this "autumnal" duo would look great on someone with hazel eyes and red hair.


taupe on the lid & the lower lashline, green used wet as a liner

green on the lid and lower lashline, taupe used to blend out


if you already own NARS Cairo and NARS Nouveau Monde Duo, Earth Angel is not essential even though the greens are not similar (Earth Angel has a golden pearl while Nouveau Monde has a green sheen).

NARS Ashes To Ashes - NARS Cairo - NARS Earth Angel - NARS Nouveau Monde
NARS Ashes To Ashes - NARS Cairo - NARS Earth Angel - NARS Nouveau Monde (green shade)


  1. It looks lovely, I might try out some Nars when my Clinique pallette runs out!

    Why not check out my new beauty blog, The Glossy Guide?

  2. Thanks for sharing this thanks to you I found a website that delivers to where I live and have NARS! Yeay!

  3. i was buying some nars stuff from hqhair.com so i thought to check out some reviews first on nars duo eyeshadows....great review and i love this duo...green is gorgeous.


  4. It might have to do that I have green (blueish) eyes but I looove this duo for making the colour in my eyes pop. For brown eyes I recon it could be too neutral, but for greens it is a smashing duo.

  5. NARS Earth Angel & NARS Nouveau Monde do look similar except the latter has a pretty sheen.

  6. Was für eine wunder- wunderschöne Farbkombination. Ich beneide dich um deine NARS-Sammlung :)

  7. I looooooove the look of the green, it's stunning and I don't have anything quite like it.


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