May 25, 2011

[Tag] I ♥ lipsticks! (not really :P)

i've been tagged by Suki from Honey and Milk blog to do a lipstick collection & favourite lip product post. i have told you several times that i'm not really a lip person and don't maintain my lip product collection really diligently or enjoy it as much as i do with my cheek product collection or brushes, or foundations and powders. and nail polishes. eventually i think lipsticks, eyeliners and mascaras are the most neglected product groups in my stash.
so i was quite surprised how many lip products i can call my own when i dug out all my lipsticks and glosses - since i've had a big "old-lip-stuff-throw-away" few months ago and also put a lot aside to the blog sale i actually felt quite relieved in terms of lip stuff.
i don't wear any lipstick or gloss to work, so if i sum it up i probably only wear anything on my lips once, at most twice a week. this is quite bad for my lip product collection, i know. i can't even remember my years of study when i could wear everything i wanted :( i really need free time now to wear more make up hehehe ;)
(but luckily there are only 5 weeks left of my internship woohoo! but then i will have to learn a lot for the final state exam in october ... hmm - not woohoo)

now off with the rambling and on to the tag!

1. how many lipsticks do you own?

ok, i initially estimated to own about 35-40. but in real it's 60 ... ooops ;)

i also counted the longlasting liquid lip colours and potted lip products.

2. which was your first lipstick?

i don't really remember, but i still own one that i have snuck from my mum. this maybe was one of my first lippies: it's Manhattan #230. this one i show you is already its replacement that i've bought on my own since i have used my mum's up completely. look how disgusting it is - but i can't part with it! and notice it's a glossy nude! i have already worn glossy pale nude lips over a decade ago (i'm quite impressed by my sense of "style" back then haha) - now i'm so over it ;)

3. which is your newest lipstick acquisition?

it must be the new Dior Addict in "Model", a glossy bright coral pink with pink microshimmer. wow, i haven't bought a lipstick in almost a month! but if free stuff counts, it would be the free GWP mini lipstick by Helena Rubinstein, a frosty mauve.
my latest lipgloss purchase would be NARS Super Orgasm gloss, that still has to arrive.

4. what's your favourite lipstick brand?

it's still the classic Chanel. i like the packaging, but also the different lines, especially the new Rouge Coco Shines or the Rouge Allure Lacques. i'd love to venture into Edward Bess when time comes, i also love the Guerlain texture but the colours are often too warm or dark for my taste. i don't really like MAC or YSL. my favourite drugstore brand for lipsticks are Catrice and Maybelline.

5. favourite nude?

here are all my "nudes"

i'm not a big fan of pale nude lips, i've sold and thrown away a lot of concealer-nude lipsticks. i find it washes me out, so i tend to go for darker nudes, MLBB-shades and sheer textures.
the most used are:

MAC The Faerie Glen (LE) or Dior Beige Indécise #298 for a beigy nude (they are very close), Maybelline Luminous Beige #742 for a drugstore MLBB nude and MAC Patisserie for a pinky nude.

6. favourite red?

all my reds:

i don't often do a red lip and also haven't jumped on the Cyndi bandwagon, but occasionally i like a statement lip. then i would most likely choose one of those:

Manhattan longwear lip colour in 44Q for a bright red lip, Hourglass Icon for a dark and sultry red and Essence Almost Famous for a sheer everyday red.

7. favourite pink?

all my pinks:

i love pink lips. i find warm medium pinks very flattering for my skin tone, even more when i'm a bit tanned. i tend to go for Chanel when it comes to this shade ;)

i like Rimmel Shake-Up Pink and Maybelline Intense Pink for drugstore medium pinks, Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Aventure and Dior Addict in Model for sheer glossy pinks, Chanel Rouge Cocos in Chintz and Rose Dentelle for velvety medium pinks and Chanel Rouge Allure in Génial for a shocking bright summer pink.

8. favourite peach/orange?

all my peaches:

my favourite picks out of those:

MAC Shy Girl for a glossy light peach as well as Chanel Rouge Allure Lacque in Santal and MAC Jazzed (LE) for a fresh springy peach.

9. favourite brown?

i don't own any really brown lipsticks i guess, only darker nudes.

10. favourite light pink? 

this is represented in my previous categories. MAC Patisserie when it comes to nude and Chanel Aventure and Dior Model when it comes to fresh pinks. i also like a sheer baby pink by Calvin Klein, it's called Retro.

11. favourite plum?

all my plums/purples/blueish pinks:

my favourite has to be Hourglass Nocturnal, a really beautiful autumnal mauvey plum with a great texture and packaging.

12. favourite rosewood?

i throw all the rosewood shades in the same category with my nudes and blue pinks. i would choose something like MAC's Half 'N Half or Catrice Gentle Nude.

13. how many lipglosses do you own?

*cough* 51...
i'm missing one by Dianne Brill and one from NARS is still to come... a lot is in my blog sale, too, omg and i said i don't like lip stuff?!

in categories:

the darks:

the fresh shades:

the nudes:

14. your favourite lipglosses?

you know i love those Stay With Me glosses by Essence!

my top picks of these are Kiss Kiss Kiss, Candy Bar and My Favourite Milk Shake:

of the fresh colours i really like:

Rouge Bunny Rouge Come Here, Sweetie is a lovely shimmery tomato red, MAC Nymphette is my all time favourite MAC gloss: it's a pink with lots and lots of gold shimmer, Chanel Glossimer in Coral Love is a peachy pink with pink and gold shimmer, Chanel Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss in Imaginaire (a milky warm pink) is my all time favourite Chanel gloss - the texture is fantastic! from the drugstore i also love love love Revlon Coral Reef (a milky peachy coral) and MNY #365, a peachy pink with gold shimmer.

for the nudes i love:

MAC Ember Glow (LE) a milky nude peach, MAC 2N (LE) a milky beigy nude that's not too pale. Dior Beige Velvet is also a dark nude but rather sheer, MAC Luminary has such beautiful pearly gold microshimmer and this clear shimmery gloss by Calvin Klein has almost as sparkly multicolour shimmer as Chanel glossimer in Galactic (which i still plan to get some day ... if i get over my sparkly lip aversion again).

15. the worst lipstick you've ever had?

it was some lippies my Margaret Astor from about 12 years ago? i've thrown all of them away...
and generally all frosty/metallic lipsticks.

so that's it! the tag is finished - it was so much fun to do it, thank you for tagging me, Suki!
i slowly remember a time when i enjoyed using lip products now - and i look forward to have the chance again when my internship is over. there are a lot of great products waiting for me!

i hope you didn't find it too boring. for many mentioned products i have swatches on this blog (high end stuff but also Essence and P2 lippies) - just click the lipstick/lipgloss labels or use the search engine on your upper right.

i still have some pics to share with you:

i only have a small selection of lip liners since i only use a lipliner once in a blue moon, but i have covered most colour families. i really like the P2 Perfect Look Lip Liners, they are pigmented and creamy and last a long time. and they are really affordable!

my tools: if i ever need a lip brush (mostly with dark colours), i like to use the MAC 231 brush the most, but also any of these:

MAC 231 - Essence Eyeliner Brush -  Paula Dorf Eye Definer Brush - two random lip brushes.

my tip is to use any flat synthetic angled brush for your lipstick, you can get very precise contours with them and don't need to buy an extra brush. just make sure to clean them with alcohol and soap very thoroughly after using, otherwise the oil residues of your lipsticks will affect the performance of your eyeliners afterwards.

for my lip-care, i mostly use:
Korres Lip Butter in Jasmine (i love the scent!) or Bepanthen Eyes and Nose Balm (my tip - it's very soothing) and Carmex when my lips are chapping hard.

i store all my regularly used lipglosses and high end lipstick like this next to my mirror on the vanity:

a high tower of Ikea glass vases where i lay my glosses in and a acrylic box with the lipsticks on top.

i want to tag:

Mareike from Bluebell's Beauty Blog
Me from Innen & Außen
H from 25FLONDON
Cecilia from A Vain Woman
Trey Jones from
Maria from Lipstick Love
Hagebutterchen from Coral and Mauve
and Hopelessly Devoted to Makeup from the same named blog!

i want to see your collections, ladies!!! of course i'm such a curious person and would love if anyone else also feels tagged and shares!!!!!!


  1. Vielen vielen Dank fürs Mitmachen und den Einblick in deine Sammlung!
    Nicht schlecht wie viele Lippenprodukte du dein eigenen nennst, obwohl du sie gar nicht sooo magst! ;)
    Eine wirklich schöne Sammlung hast du da!

    Liebste Grüße, Suki

  2. :D Da komm ich mir irgendwie albern vor mit meiner Sammlung. Ich hab ca. 15 Glosse und genau 1 Lippenstift :D

  3. WOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW dafür dass du es nicht so mit lippenprodukten hast, haste aber ne ganze menge geiles zeug! richtig schöne sammlung, da häng ich echt sabbernd am monitor^^

  4. Wow, ein riiiiiiieeeesen Tag und für mich Lippenstiftjunkie eine Menge Arbeit :D. Aber ich werd schauen, das ich bald dazu komme.

    Eine tolle Sammlung hast du :).

  5. Ouh, ja, das sind echt tolle und viele Sachen ;) Dafür, dass du angeblich kein Junkie bist ;)
    Liebe Grüße

  6. Coole Sammlung und der Tag ist auch mal genial XD Mach gerne mit, wird aber sicher noch mind. 2 Wochen dauern, da ich momentan nicht "zu Hause" bin und ein Teil auch schon im Keller wegen der Sommerhitze ist...

  7. Tolle Sammlung...Neid :)

    Aber welcher ist dein absoluter Liebling, den du um nichts in der Welt hergeben würdest und immer tragen könntest?

    Liebe Grüße

  8. So liebe Keto, hier mein Post:

    *SchweißvonderStirnwisch* das hat gedauert :D

  9. oo I love lippie posts! I am such a lip product fanatic. You have a very nice collection!

  10. @all: ja ich fand den tag auch superspannend - da ich in dem letzen 3/4 jahr wg. der arbeit fast vollständig auf lippenprodukte verzichte freue ich mich jetzt wieder auf die zeit danach (hab nur noch 4 wochen vor mir!) da ich jetzt meine ganzen sachen wieder vor augen hatte.

    @bluebell: vielen dank! deine sammlung ist fantastisch und man sieht den sachen an, wie sehr sie geliebt werden ;)

    @luv3smilexo: thank you!

  11. @passion: uhh, dass kann ich gar nicht sagen... ich glaub ich wär auch nicht allzu unglücklich, wenn ich alles hergeben müsste. aber wenn ich nur 2-3 sachen mit in einen längeren urlaub nehmen könnte wären das: MAC Nymphette lipglass, Chanel Extrait de Gloss in Imaginaire und Rouge Dior in Beige Indécise.

  12. Soo endich mitgemacht :D Meine Sammlung ist ja ziemlich klein im Vergleich zu andren ;)


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