May 5, 2011

Edward Bess Ultra Luminous Eyeshadow in Dusk

well, first i wasn't really attracted by the products. it seemed to me like a nice small line with very selected shades suitable for the well situated working urban woman who searches for a luxurious but alternative basic make up line. but thanks to many posts by Sabrina from The Beauty Look Book i was more and more tempted by Edward Bess cosmetics. so after a long time of protracting, i made quite a big order on (i made my shopping list based on Sabrina's recommendations ^.^). some items already arrived, but the bigger part is still on it's way to me. this brand is quite unknown in germany, so hopefully this series will be helpful and informative for you.

this is what is said about the line on
"This range of eyeshadows is nice and simple, with 6 wearable shades ranging from the Nude base that can be used as a primer or a little 'pick-me up' for when your popping out to the shops, through to the darker and more dramatic browns and greys.
This is what Edward says about his eyeshadows:
'Dress the eyes in luminous color incredibly smooth to the touch. Ultra rich texture adds depth and dimension. Sleek designer compact complete with applicator and mirror'.

Edward Bess is a stunning, sexy new make-up line, made up of wearable shades, luxurious formulas and simple, design led packaging. Edward started his career as a successful male model, spending his time between London & New York. In 2006, he decided to focus fully on developing his cosmetic line, concentrating on bringing to life his vision of female beauty. Edward’s gentle nature combined with his extremely qualitative products has insured the brand has become an instant success.  [...]

the first product i want to introduce to you is the Edward Bess Ultra Luminous Eyeshadow in Dusk.
it costs 22£/25.95€ and contains 2g.
it comes in a high quality thick suede pouch and houses in a minimalistic chic black compact.
Dusk is a cool greyish brown with olive green undertones. it has a fine shimmer and applies almost as a satin finish with a silky sheen. the shimmer is only visible in bright light. the finish reminds me of Chanel Taupe Grisé (one of the best textures of Chanel's mono eyeshadows -  but also generally in Chanel's line) but the texture is even better, more refined. it's incredibly fine and smooth, not too soft but still has a nice pigmentation. it applies quite sheer but is very easily buildable to a rich colour. the blendability is very good, even the most intense application blends out visibly soft, even and with ease.
i like this shade as a outer corner colour for a soft smokey eye or to give more depth to spring looks. it darkens subtly and unnoticeable but pretty effective. applied on my normal eyelid primer, it stays on all day without creasing or fading.
Edward Bess didn't promise too much - this is a fantastic appetizer that makes me really curious about the next products ;)

this is how it looks applied: i used it on the outer third of the lid and the lower lashline.

Chanel Taupe Grisé - Edward Bess Dusk - Benefit Where There's Smoke
Chanel Taupe Grisé - Edward Bess Dusk - Benefit Where There's Smoke
Chanel Taupe Grisé - Edward Bess Dusk - Benefit Where There's Smoke


  1. What a really pretty golden taupe =) It looks even better on the eyes. I really wish there was an Edward Bess counter near me so I could play around with his products, however no luck yet!

  2. This looks beautiful on you! Thank you for the shout out. It's truly an amazing color.

  3. I love your comparison swatches; you can really see the moss undertones in Dusk when it is adjacent to the other two colors. Bess is one of my favorite brands, and Sabrina's detailed posts and photos helped me open my wallet a couple years ago. :)

  4. Danke für die Review! Bin auch gerade am überlegen, mir bei Zuneta ein paar Produkte von Edward Bess zu bestellen(auch von The Beauty Look Book begeistern lassen). Und dein Swatch mit Taupe Grisé war sehr hilfreich! Freue mich schon auf die anderen Sachen!

  5. I love this look. Simple yet very very beautiful;) What kind of eyeliner are you wearing on your top/bottom???

  6. I was wondering when you ordered from zuneta and how long it took to come? I ordered a week ago and my order still hasn't been sent? Thanks.

    I can't wait to try the EB stuff I tried. I ordered intimate eyeshadow.

  7. @dovey: it's the same with me! i wish i could see the products in real - but then i worry i would buy even more :P
    but luckily there are fantastic product pictures and swatches on the beauty look book and the videos on are also very helpful.

    @sabrina: it's me who has to thank! i think without you, i wouldn't have grown an interest for this brand and i'm happy i did! i looove your blog, btw :)

    @zuzu's petals: thank you! i always am very glad to see good (!) comparison pics when i google make up products. so i do my best to find comparable products from my stash, in texture, finish, colour, etc and do the best pictures possible (for my camera ;)) to add more helpful pics for the internet archives :)
    i am very curious to try out more EB products, i am about to order some lip&cheek products but still have to research a bit more to choose.

    @Yasmin: gern geschehen! ich entdecke die marke auch gerade neu für mich - und bin bis jetzt ziemlich beeindruckt. zum glück haben wir zuneta, ansonsten gibt es ja kaum eine richtige quelle für EB in dtl.

    @mira: thank you very much!! on this eye make up i wore Wolf Pearlglide Eye Liner from MAC on top and bottom but deepened the upper lash line with a thin line of black eyeshadow (the black side from Prism eyeshadow duo by Hourglass is the best!)

    @baby in a corner: i ordered mine in the mid of april but still haven't received it yet. they ran low on their EB stock so have just sent out my Intimate - so you're not alone. they have added a korres body scrub as a goodie to make it up for me though.


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