May 11, 2011

Paula Dorf brushes II.

i bought these two Paula Dorf brushes on ebay recently additionally to my existing assortment. some of her brushes are sold by wholesellers on there at a discounted price.

the Eye Glimmer Brush is a dense and stiff brush made of sable hair i think. it's rather wide and flat and reminds me of the MAC 242 a bit, only bigger and thicker (i don't own the 252, so i can't compare). it's meant to apply her sheer shimmering Eye Glimmer shadows, but handles every other shadow just as well. i like sable hair the most when it comes to intense colour application. i find it grabs a good amount of product but releases it almost completely without absorbing too much product. so i would always prefer a sable hair brush to apply intense looks, outer corner shades, smokey eye make ups. it's also great at applying loose eyeshadows/pigments. because of its size i prefer to use it for lid colour application, especially for the dark shades right along the lashline in smokey looks.
the brush is thin enough to use its tip for the lower lashline, but not very precisely.
it's well made, washes nicely (although glued quite stiff at the beginning, everything washes out easily) and holds the shape. the strong animal and glue smell also disappears after the first wash. the hairs are stiff but still very smooth to the delicate skin of your eyelids.
at 14.99$ a good investment.



MAC 239 - Hakuhodo B532BkSL - Paula Dorf Eye Glimmer Brush

the other brush i bought is the Eye Definer Brush. it has a square shape, is very thin and made of stiff taklon bristles. it's very sturdy and washes well (doesn't loose the shape at all). the shape makes it perfect to apply (gel-) eyeliner in stamping motions (good way to get started if you are a beginner) but even more, for applying eyeliner on your waterlines. i use it to push my eyeliner onto the lower and upper waterlines and wiggle it into the upper lashes. the flat wide shape makes it very easy and avoids additional irritation of my eyes. i mostly apply cream eyeshadows with shimmery champagne colour to my lower waterlines, it gives me that extra bright-eyes-/wide-awake-look. pushing the cream shadow product on allows an even application and better staying power.
this is a rather special brush that you don't necessarily need in your collection, but if you hassle with your gel liners on the waterline, this is a neat little tool to help. and for only 6.99$ i thought i would try it since i didn't own any comparable brushes ;)

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