May 2, 2011

quick info on Catrice Lashes To Kill Ultra Black mascara.

an ok mascara, nothing exceptional i would have blogged about. it has a creamy, but slightly dry consistency. the common spooley wand separates well but doesn't give me much length or volume.
it costs 3.99€ and is new to Catrice's range.
the only thing i have noticed that i want to tell you: it is that it's not splash/tear-proof at all. so avoid this if you want to wear mascara in this sweaty season or you have allergies and your eyes water more these days, or if you are about to face a tearfully break-up, get in the rain unexpectedly or plan any water-related activities generally. check up your mirror-self to avoid negative surprises.


  1. i don't trust drugstore mascaras except for the essence multi action mascara. it's definately my favorite mascara!

  2. You have great blog! Love it!

  3. I hate the multi action mascara ;)
    I think you have to try something new, and maybe there is a mascara you can stay with. But i think, changing is the only way to be happy with your mascara, because you definitly WILL stop loving it after a few months. So i would never buy high-end mascara, it´s just too expensive.


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