May 16, 2011

Edward Bess Ultra Luminous Eyeshadow in Storm

the Edward Bess Ultra Luminous Eyeshadow in Storm is one of two recently released shades. after seeing numerous swatches and reviews in the blogosphere, i fell in love with both shades and ordered them right away when i heard that had stocked them.
the packaging has changed - now the velvet pouch is thinner and seems more industrial made (while the old pouch was made of suede, really thick and even looked hand-made), the compact is a bit bigger and has an "EB" print instead of the "Edward Bess" engraving. the plastic seems thinner and not as sleek as the old version. the improvement is inside: no more sponge tip applicator but a big round eyeshadow pan. it still contains 2g and costs 22£/25.95€.
Storm is a colour i imagined darker and smokier from the photos i've seen so far, but in real it's a rather light semi-shimmery silvery taupe. with a tiny bit of blueish pearl, it seems to have a lavender tinge. it reminds me of a less glittery and softer version of Chanel Fauve eyeshadow. so everyone who loves Fauve but cannot pull off the multicolour shimmer at work: this one is for you! it is just as sheer and blendable like my other EB shadows and gives a light pearly sheen on the lids. it's really finely milled and glides on my skin.
Storm lasts all day on me without creasing or fading, even though i doubted it as i had a really light and almost creamy-looking and creasing-suspicious result to begin with.
definitely something for people appreciating subtle effects but also a great inner third-colour for purple or brown smokey eyes. i think it's a nice spring shade and would look great on brown eyes (a bit lighter than mine). i love how EB eyeshadows blend out, it seems like they are part of your skin, melting and fading in gradually and seamlessly with so much ease, so it always look fairy-light and soft.

this is how it looks applied:

MNY 805A - Edward Bess Storm - Chanel Fauve - Hourglass Suede duo (taupe shade)
MNY 805A - Edward Bess Storm - Chanel Fauve - Hourglass Suede duo (taupe shade)


  1. Very nice! You really got the purple to show up in your swatch. I see only silver in mine, but it's such a pretty everyday taupe nonetheless. The color looks beautiful with your brown eyes.

  2. What an amazing colour, I love it! I have never tried anything from Edward Bess before and this seems like a perfect product to start with. Thank you for the swatch!

  3. @zuzu's Petals: thank you! i think the purple shows up the more tanned you are. the paler you are, the more taupe it will appear.

    @yarisse: you should really try EB, they have lovely textures and a lot of basic/staple pieces, but please tell me how you like it then! ;)

  4. I just ordered this yesterday! I am on quite the Edward Bess binge lately. All these reviews are encouraging of that binge! :) I look forward to wearing it as it looks lovely in the photos.

  5. i hope you will like it! i think you can't go too wrong with EB products. the textures are so nice that one can easily make it work and the colours are flattering to a lot of skin tones.


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