May 13, 2011

Soleil Tan De Chanel 547 Bronze Rosé

i've told you i am really getting into bronzers this summer and so of course i had to get one from Chanel summer collection of this year. because i wanted a blush/bronzer hybrid i thought the shade Bronze Rosé would look better on me.
the Chanel 4 Facettes Bronzing Powder contains 14g and costs 51.95€.
i ordered it on and used a 10%-off coupon code and some more for goodies (i posted them in the Lilium-post).

the bronzer comes in a big compact with a velvet pouch. it contains a big mirror and a brush of natural hair (but it's quite harsh so i won't use it).

it's a bronzer with 4 different coloured stripes:
  • a shimmery golden bronze
  • a light rosy tan with satin finish, it's rather powdery
  • a deep reddish brown with gold shimmer
  • a matte warm medium pink
mixed together it's a rosey brown with low shimmer effect - applied it gives a pink brown and looks rather like a blusher than like a pure bronzer. applied with a soft fluffy brush (i use my A'Squirrel Pure Squirrel Blush Brush) it creates a sheer warm wash on me. i concentrate on the 3 upper stripes to get a bronzey shade for the hollows of my cheeks and the sides of the face and mix in the last pink stripe to get a pinky shade for the cheeks. this way i get a glowy sculpted look without beeing too shimmery. the shade is ideal for summer and i like the fine texture that refines my skin texture. it's quite silky and firmly pressed.
it applies evenly and blends out seamlessly, it's quite sheer so you don't have to worry about blotches or a muddy appearance. it stays all day on me without fading or oxidizing. it has no distinct scent to it, but i wished it was rose-scented like their Joues Contrastes blushes.
Bronze Rosé really is beautiful to look at in the pan. it reminds me a bit of the Beach Blushes by Cargo, especially Tenerife - but i don't own Tenerife so i can't compare directly.
until now, i'm very happy with my purchase - it's not similar to any of my other bronzers yet.
i'm still awaiting the Aurora Bronzer from Dior, i hope they are no lookalikes since the Dior also contains some pink ...

Chanel Bronze Rosé: each of the 4 stripes + all mixed together in a heavy swatch + altogether in a brush-swatch.

this is how it looks on me.


  1. Oh, der ist wunderschön! Aber teuer :(
    Kannst du die Farben auch einzeln entnehmen?
    Liebe GRüße

  2. So wonderful!
    I love it! <3

  3. looks beautyful on you=)
    I got my hands on a soleil de tan mousse version, they are discontinuing it for a new powder version.they were so hard to find these day, but I finally got one:D
    Never was a bronzey type neither, but this I really want to try, seeing so much beautyful faces with nice bronzers on

  4. @karo: thanks a lot!

    @vanessa: thank you!
    oh, i heard it too about the cream bronzer. in fact i wasn't really too hot about this - but since they are going to discontinue it, i would have to buy it soon, if not right now!
    oh, but have you heard about their new longlasting foundation for this autumn? it sounds greaaat - my dreams come true - a longlasting chanel foundation :D i think it will replace the pro lumiere that they will kick out then.

  5. I have this and have used it almost everyday! I am really pleased with this and the Chanel rose platine liner.

  6. @hopelessly devoted to makeup: i'm glad that you get so much use out of it!

  7. @ketoglutarat: sorry for not respondig you for such a long time. So glad that you did answer though!Haha I felt the same with the Bronzer, the "discontinue- method" is as effective as the "limited-edition-method"- you always neeed to buy it;) It´s a nice color though, but I still need to discover how to apply it. I bought the sigma angled top kabuki because of your and several others´ recommendation, but it seems like it´s to stiff, it puts the color on and then it lets it slip around (hope you understand me). Have you bought it?

    Longlasting foundations are nothing for me, I have way to dry skin. Have and tried the pro longwear, but when I wear it you can see every particle of dead skin cells (even after an exfoliation). But if thats your favorite type of foundation you should definetly try it out (of course you will I´m quite sure about that;))

    Love, Vanessa


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