May 30, 2011

Becca Halcyon Days: Nail Polish in Summerdaze

Becca launched three nail polish shades for the first time in their summer look Halcyon Days. all really wearable, beautiful shades which i had to have 2 of after i watched the application video on (the one i didn't get was a nude shade). the polishes are free of Formaldehyde, Toluene, Camphor and DBP.
this comes in a normal bottle with a rubberized top (which allows a good grip and control) and has a slightly wider flat brush.
today i want to show you the colour Summerdaze. it's a cream pinky peach shade, i like that it's soft and not too bright. the colour really enhances your tan since it doesn't contain too much white. i also really like that it doesn't smell too strong at all.
the texture is very good, it's liquidy but not too runny and applies as an even thin first layer - you could easily go with one layer for a very subtle sheer warm pink nail. the second coat makes it opaque, however you should buff your nails first or apply a base coat to avoid an uneven finish. it dries quickly to a glossy finish, but i still like to use a top coat over it.
it lasts well on me - i had no chipping or tipwear after over 2 days (but had to remove it then).
this nail polish contains 14ml and costs 12£/~14.40€.

click to enlarge so you can see the swatches better ;)
Alessandro Clementine - Emily Papaya - Essence Heart Chakra - Becca Summerdaze - Artdeco 26 - MNY 009A


  1. That's so funny that you posted this. I just did a post on Becca's Tangerine Dream and am wearing it right now. I like you, was really impressed with it application. So I'm assuming you also picked up Tangerine Dreams?. I think you will like it although it is a bit bright, but in a fun way!

  2. Bin erst vor ein paar Tagen auf Deinen Blog gestossen... und liebe ihn! Habe das ganze Woen gelesen, und sofort meine Pinsel nach Deiner Methode gewaschen. Was soll ich sagen, funktioniert natürlich hervorragend (ich dachte immer ich würde die ganz gut putzen ;))
    Eine Frage/ Empfehlung: Wenn ich nur einen kaufen will - RBR oder Becca Highlighter?

  3. Nice polish. I didn't know this brand.

  4. Been reading a bunch of different posts on these new Becca polishes, must try them out! This one looks a bit like Orange Fizz from Chanel

  5. I've heard of this brand before but had no idea they ever made nail polishes. Very gorgeous shade, though. I love the swatch and comparison pics.

    Btw I love your blog. It's been a while since I found a variety-friendly blog. Very refreshing to see different brands and products not commonly reviewed/featured.


  6. @hopelessly devoted to makeup: yes, i also bought the tangerine dreams. and i also saw your post about it, it looks fantastic on you! you're right, it's bright but not unpleasantly bright. it's really skin-tone flattering.

    @anonymous: oh es freut mich unheimlich dass dir der blog gefällt! und von der pinselwasch-methode bin ich recht überzeugt und versuche sie so oft es geht zu propagieren ;) schön dass es auch bei dir funktioniert.
    bezüglich der highlighter: der RBR sind beide super, den rbr musst du nur vorsichtiger dosieren. letztenendes kommt es aber nur auf äußerlichkeiten an, denn teuer sind sie beide. welche marke ist für dich interessanter, welche art der verpackung magst du lieber?

    @marox79: becca is a nice brand, i also want to venture into their line a bit more ;)

    @productdoctor: i haven't tried orange fizz yet, but it's always this time of the year when i get into those peachy-corally shades (the peach-polish-parade has its roots from last year's early summer ;)) - i want to take a closer look at miami peach and orange fizz in the near future :)

    @JC: this is the first time for them doing nail polishes, but they are nice.
    thank you for the compliment!


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