May 16, 2011

Cargo Beach Blush in Echo Beach

next Cargo Blush i want to introduce to you is in the colour Echo Beach. i ordered it on when they had a 10%-off promotion about a month ago.
normally they cost 16£/18.80€and contain 9g.
Echo Beach is one of Cargo's Beach Blushes, blush and bronzer in one that would give you a beachy bronze look with a flush of colour and a summery radiance.
it comes in the typical silver tin, i like its simplicity.
the Beach Blush contains for stripes with different colours:
  • a peachy coral with strong golden shimmer
  • a rich warm reddish pink with pink sheen
  • a pearly mauvey beige
  • a shimmery mauve
mixed together it's a warm bronzey pink with gold and pink sheen. with a smaller brush, you could concentrate on either half to get a more intense reddish colour with gold shimmer or a light pearly shimmering mauve. it has a rather dry and waxy texture and a sheer pigmentation. although it doesn't feel that good by fingerswatch, it's not powdery at all and very buildable when applied with a soft brush (i like to use my A'Squirrel Blush Brush). the shimmer is not too obvious and builds up to a very fine dewy sheen. the effect is really beautiful, very radiant and it looks like a natural flush from the warmth of the sun. just add a bit of your favourite (matte or satiny) bronzer to achieve a really glowy summer complexion.
it applies evenly and blends very well. it doesn't oxidize on me and lasts all day without getting too greasy looking or emphasizing on uneven skin on the cheek area. the Beach Blushes are my go-to-products when it comes to shimmery blushes for every day, because their shimmer is so refined and the effect still subtle.

Cargo Echo Beach in natural light: each stripe swatched in same order as pic above + all colours mixed together in heavy swatch + all colours mixed and blended (last swatch)


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