May 10, 2011

Rouge Bunny Rouge Crease Brush

i recently ordered the Rouge Bunny Rouge #011 Crease Brush on as i'm a bit obsessed with fluffy eye brushes ;)
at 16£/18.87€ it's almost affordable (especially when compared to the rest of the line). it comes in a little plastic pouch with floral designs and is made of a black wooden handle that is rather thin but lays nicely in my hand with black metal ferrule. it has a common length. the brush hair is natural goat hair, very soft and maybe 90% of it with natural grown ends.
the shape of the brush head is round and domed, it's fluffy but has a good resistance. it really reminds of MAC 224 brush, but is a bit fluffier and more tapered than the 224 by MAC. i find this brush is suited for general blending work, i blends softly but doesn't blend away your colours. the brush head is too big and fluffy for my crease to play a role in eyeshadow application other than sheer washes all over or brow bone highlighter.
it's also great to apply under eye concealer - but i already have several brushes i prefer for this job (Hakuhodo B214BkSL or Hakuhodo 212 or similar shaped synthetic brushes).
it washes nicely without bleeding dye and only lost 1 or 2 tiny hairs while washing. it holds the shape very well after drying.

in comparison to MAC 224: RBR top, MAC bottom
in comparison to MAC 224: RBR top, MAC bottom

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