May 18, 2011

Hourglass Visionare Eye Shadow Duo - Suede

the Hourglass Visionare Eye Shadow Duo in Suede is the last of 3 duos i ordered from Ludwig Beck in Munich (Hautnah in den 5 Höfen), i just did a phone call to the Hourglass counter there.
it costs 28€ in germany, while if you'd order from the uk on, you'd have to pay around 33€ (Beck provides free delivery for germany on orders 50€+, zuneta ships to germany for free from 65£+).
it comes in a sleek glossy dark bronze compact with that slide-around mirror i have shown you few times before. it's really high quality and well made. it has a magnetic closure and a very nice little brush that's dense and soft and works well applying the colours. if it weren't that short i would use it on a regular basis for sure.
this is a very nude and neutral duo containing a neutral cream shade with multicolour shimmers which is a beautiful inner corner and brow bone hightlight and a light cool taupe with multicolour shimmer (but less than in the cream shade so it appears more satiny) and golden microglitter specks. the taupe looks cooler on my eyes than in the hand-swatch.
both shades are velvety soft and pigmented, they're both rather light in colour so it's not as apparent as with darker shades. they melt into my skin beautifully and blend out seamlessly. Hourglass shadows last all day on me without creasing, even without a primer.
this is a palette i can even grab without a thinking and apply without a mirror, they are beautiful everyday colours and very work appropriated. they give a subtle definition for a soft polished look, i like to wear them with a black winged liner so i can boost up the look anytime with a reddish lip.
the Hourglass eyeshadow duos are a great deal - you get 6g (!) of great eyeshadow for your money. so this combination i can wholeheartedly recommend if you search for a neutral duo for daily use and like subtle looks.

this is how the Suede duo looks applied: i used the taupe on the whole lid and the cream as inner corner and brow bone highlight and on the lower lashline as well.
whole face look: i used Essence Almost Famous lippie as a stain and topped it with Essence Stay With Me gloss in Kiss Kiss Kiss.

MAC Brulé - MAC Retrospeck - Hourglass Suede - Benefit Fawn Over Me - NARS Cairo - Chanel Safari
MAC Brulé - MAC Retrospeck - Hourglass Suede - Benefit Fawn Over Me - NARS Cairo - Chanel Safari

my 4 Hourglass duos:
top: Suede - Dune
bottom: Prism - Exhibition


  1. wow...welcher Lippenstift ist das?

  2. you do such a beautiful job making yourself up -- I know you are so naturally pretty, but perhaps you could do a tutorial one day? I think you are an inspiration to Asian women and making the best of their own features.

  3. Beautiful look. I really do like the lip combo and will definitely pick the Essence products up. You have the best FOTDs pictures ever!

  4. @christine: oh, you make me blush! thank you for that lovely compliment! i am trying out with tutorial-shots these days, but it never looks right. i need a tripod for my camera. but i won't give up on that ;)

    @yarisse: thank you so much! you should really try the essence stay with me glosses! i like them a lot.

  5. I have actually bought three of them, but skipped Kiss Kiss Kiss as I thought it would be too warm for me. Now I need to go back and get it :)

  6. @yarisse: actually the Kiss Kiss Kiss is a really cool toned cherry red!

  7. Ich hab mich spontan so dolle in das Duo verliebt das ich es bestellt hab. Danke für die Vorstellung, hab ehrlich gesagt noch nie was von der Marke gehört gehabt.^^

  8. super! ich hoffe es ist schon angekommen? gefällt es dir?

  9. Ja, es ist angekommen.^^ Und es ist ganz große Liebe! ♥♥♥

    Deine Swatches sind wirklich gut! So von der Farbtreue. Also Daaanke!

    Bei Zuneta hab ich übrigens 10% mit dem Code MASTERLF bekommen. Falls sich noch jemand mit dem Hourglass-Fiber angesteckt haben sollte. ;)

  10. I got some of the hourglass duo the other day, but they have two packagings and the burshes are different. One is like yours, the other one is like a double-sides you know why?


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