May 20, 2011

Flormar eyeshadow #21

i recently ordered the Flormar Eyeshadow #21 on as an additional item to get above 25€ for free shipping and to be able to apply a 5€-off-code. i think these items are nice for that function, i always like to add some Artdeco or Flormar eyeshadows if my order is below 25€. this shade has cought my eye through some blog reviews. i haven't really used reddish eyeshadows ever because i'm afraid it's hard to combine to avoid the "sore-eyes-look". i think i belong to the minority that hasn't been tempted by Cranberrry eyeshadow by MAC from all the annual mentions on youtube and beautyblogs when autumn is coming. but since this eyeshadow is very affordable and the shimmer effect has been recommended by bloggers i really trust, i  knew there is not much to loose ;)
it contains 5g, a huge amount for an eyeshadow, and costs 2.95€.
the packaging already screams: cheap!, but i don't mind since with such products, you can't expect it to be better.
#21 is a rich reddish maroon with pink shimmer and gold microglitter. it has a silky texture and is rather firmly pressed. it applies rather sheer but the colour is buildable. i haven't experienced any fall outs with it, but i find it to be a bit tricky to blend. actually it is blendable, but you need more time to get a good result, it's just not as convenient as most of my high end shades. again, i don't mind that - the colour and shimmer effect is key for me with such a shade since i know i won't be using it on a daily basis but rather on specific occasions where i would put more effort into my make up anyway.
framing it with dark colours, like with a black liner, dark crease/outer corner shade and a lot of mascara i can make it work really well on me. if i avoid using it too far towards the inner 2/3 of the lower lashline, it also doesn't emphasize on any redness in my eyes, making them looking too tired or sore. so it's a nice pop of colour as lid shade in smokey eyes. i really like it, it has a nice pink pearl that looks great combined with a gold shade, in the look i show you (below) i used the Flormar #14 eyeshadow to blend out the #21.
it lasts all day on me when i use it with a good eyelid primer.

this is how it looks applied, as a lid shade. i used the Flormar eyeshadow #14 to blend it out and the dark plummy shade in Hourglass Exhibition eyeshadow duo as outer corner shade. the same colour scheme on the lower lashline.

it reminds me of MAC Twinks, but is lighter and more pink. actually i even liked the texture of the Flormar eyeshadow better.
Flormar #21 - MAC Twinks
Flormar #21 - MAC Twinks
Flormar #21 - MAC Twinks


  1. Also mit den Farben muss man wirklich vorsichtig sein, ich traue mich da gar nicht ran, obwohl ich es sehr schön finde =)
    Übrigens kam das Päckerl gut an, Danke für die Goodies :), habe schon viel Freude mit den Sachen gehabt.

    Liebe Grüße

  2. Genau die Farbe habe ich auch. Ich mag die flormar e/s ganz gerne

  3. @juju: das freut mich riesig! und bei den e/s verlasse ich mich auf magi's swatches&urteil ;)

    @clau2411: welche weiteren farben kannst du empfehlen? ich hab bis jetzt ja nur #14&#21, und finde sie vom preis/effekt-verhältnis sehr schön.

    @sherrie: thank you!

  4. I like the shade!
    Great blog!

  5. Fabulous!!

    Is very similar to Kiko Makeup Milano eyeshadow number 136!! I like this!! :D


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