May 4, 2011

L'Oreal Studio Secrets Foundation Brush

this tiny Professional Foundation Brush seems to be newly released. i bought it during Glamour Shopping Week some time ago when i had those 5€-off coupons for any L'Oreal Studio Secrets products. because this brush "only" retails for 5.95€ (which already is incredibly affordable compared to the price point L'Oreal want to sell us their Studio "Secrets" - for example a loose powder of pure talc for 18€...) and i had this coupon, i only paid 95¢. great deal ;)
it comes in a travel friendly zipper pouch and is really small, only a bit bigger than the MAC 227. it's well made, fairly sturdy and with synthetic fibres (on the packaging it says that it's "natural" toray hair - uhm, natural synthetic fibres ?? do you know what they mean?), very stiff and dense but smooth to the skin.
i worried that it would apply streaky because i had many bad experiences with such paddle type brushes and this one is so small - but fortunately it gave me a surprisingly effortless and even application without streaks! the finish is sheer, i find layering with this is quite difficult to impossible. the only annoying point is that it's very small and i need to work rather long until i've finished my whole big face ;) i'm not used to it because my foundation routine included the BeautyBlender sponge in the last months (and won't be replaced by this brush in the near future :P).
better than for foundation application i like it for cream highlighter. it applies a thin and even layer and is the perfect size.
it doesn't soak up overly much product.
it washes ok, of course no bleeding and shedding (since it's synthetic hair). you have to clean it thoroughly from foundation residues at the roots (i suggest the shower oil method). it dries pretty slowly for its size because it is so dense.
i think this is a nice brush for its price (even more so for 95¢ ;) ), and if you like to use cream highlighters, you definitely should try it!
it's great that now drugstore brands release make up brushes in germany also. this sector was quite understaffed before but i think now we start to get a nice selection. still not enough variety, but i could instantly name a few drugstore brushes that are very good if someone asked me. please don't look into the blush or powder brush L'Oreal makes, it's very scratchy and of low quality hair.

MAC 227 - L'Oreal Studio Secrets Foundation Brush


  1. this looks like a good brush. :) i hope it becomes available in other countries too. :3

  2. Sieht sehr interessant aus =) Werd ich mir mal anschauen, ich such noch ein paar Pinsel, mit denen sich Cremeprodukte ordentlich auftragen lassen...^^

  3. studierst du bio oder medizin?

    ich musste selber erstmal nachschauen was ketoglutarat ist.. und ich schreib bald mein physikum ^^

    ich hab den pinsel schon im dm gesehen, aber nie mitgenommen weil ich mit l'oreal sehr schlechte erfahrungen gemacht habe.. ich bräuchte aber noch ein paar gute creme-blush pinsel, vor allem zum mitnehmen..

  4. Der ist so klasse für Cremeprodukte!

  5. @sugar sugar: i don't think that they would miss the profit and will release it some time soon in other countries ;) .

    @Julu: ich finde diesen pinsel in der größe und im auftrag ziemlich einmalig in der drogerie-preisklasse.

    @toni: (ich studiere medizin, bin kurz vorm staatsexamen *bibber*) viel erfolg für's physikum!!!
    den pinsel würde ich aber nicht unbedingt für creme-blush empfehlen. mit ihm ist nur ein streichender auftrag möglich, welcher nicht so optimal für's verblenden von cream blush ist.

    @clau-miau: ich hab ihn bisher nur für foundation & cream-highlighter benutzt und bin auch sehr angetan. hast du ihn auch schon für cream-blush verwendet? wie sind da deine erfahrungen?


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