May 17, 2011

Edward Bess Luxury Eye Brush

since i'm a huge brush-lover, i surely have to order their brushes to try when i want to venture into a brand. and thanks to Edward Bess' philosophy of simplifying beauty, he only has 2 brushes in his range yet and so i ordered both. here you can read about his Luxury Eye Brush.
i ordered it on, it's quite expensive at 32£/~38€, one of my most expensive eye brushes so far but if i consider this to be the only hence staple and multipurpose eye brush in the whole line, it hurts a bit less (weird ways a brush-addict can find to justify her purchase...).
i ordered it quite long ago, but they went out of stock and were on backorder. i think like with the eyeshadow compacts of the new releases, the brushes may have been changed a bit as my brush didn't come in a chic gift box like i have expected from all the great reviews i've read so far, but in a velvet pouch. this is not a big deal to me, i would put the brush into my glass anyway, but the box was a point why i could say: it costs so much because it's a real luxury item, it even comes in a beautiful box (like expensive watches or sunglasses)!
nonetheless this is a luxury item. it's a really well made sturdy brush with a black metal handle and also black metal ferrule. it has the white Edward Bess print on. the Luxury Eye Brush is a rather big tapered round fluffy brush made of densely packed soft natural hair. i couldn't find out wether it's squirrel or goat, but it's professionally bounded with only the natural ending hairs on the surface while the shorter thick cutted hairs are inbetween to give stability and bounce, so it feels great on the skin. inferior brushes still show the cutted hairs that are blended in at the tip of the brush, making them feel scatchy and harsh.
although it's quite fluffy it still has a good resistance and pressure point in the centre, the great hair quality reminds me of Trish McEvoy brushes. ideal for a crease brush but also it can blend quite precisely right on the edges of your shadows. unfortunately it's much too big for my eye socket, i tend to use it for all over colour or blending work. it picks up the product nicely and applies and blends evenly. i can also imagine to use it with light cream shadows (which don't need to be applied very precisely) or under eye concealer.
it had a skinnier and more pointed shape when i received it but gained some volume after i washed it.  it remained bouncy though. otherwise it washed nicely with minimal washing out of black dye and it lost one hair or so. not anymore since the first wash.
all in all i would still classify it as a luxury item by its price and function, because it's a bit too big to be completely multi-tasking for my eyes. if you already have a good combination of lay down and blending brush, this is not necessarily a must have as you'd still need a laydown brush for intense and precise colour application and/or crease colour application. but if you are like me, why not? ;)

post wash
MAC 224 - Edward Bess Luxury Eye Brush - A'Squirrel Pure Squirrel Blending Brush
MAC 224 - Edward Bess Luxury Eye Brush - A'Squirrel Pure Squirrel Blending Brush


  1. I'm currently having this be shipped to me, and I cannot wait to receive it as I have heard nothing but positive things about it!

  2. I have got this as a birthday present but I can't open yet! Look forward to using it though!

  3. @hopelessly devoted to makeup: i hope you will like it! did you order on zuneta?

    @baby in a corner: yay! one more to test the brush - i hope you will have a great birthday and will like your presents!

  4. @Hummingbird, I live in the States so I was able to order it from Neiman Marcus. I just received it in the mail today, so excited!

  5. Hi there. Ugh oh I've been enabled! This brush looks great. Can I ask how do you store your brushes? I just love make up brushes. I know I have more than I NEED but I always declare that I need, love, and use every single one of them. :-)

  6. @hopelessly devoted to makeup: you lucky one! you have so many nice brands there which i can't get hold of! i've been drooling over the le metier stuff on your blog recently :D

    @lizzie.smith: i have some posts about my storage on here. you just need to click the label "vanity" or "storage" in the label-cloud to your right.

  7. I has quite surprised by the pictures of it in the unwashed form. I have seen it in person and didn't recognise until I saw the washed shape. It is very tempting but I have hesitated because of the size and price. I do wonder whether I might crave in eventually! Thanks you for sharing your thoughts.
    Jane x

  8. me too, i was quite positively surprised with the initial shape, i thought they had changed it into a more unique taper. but after washing it looked more familiar like in all the reviews i've seen so far ;)

  9. how do you think it compares to the mac 224?

    1. the 224 by mac is less dense, fluffier and less directional. i clearly prefer EB and for my small lidspace i quite never use the 224 for blending but rather for applying setting powder to the undereye area to set the concealer, do soft nose-contouring etc.


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